13 other fatal accidents in 24 hours


Police had recorded 13 fatal accidents in a 24-hour period from January 13 to 14. On Thai Pongal day alone (January 14), seven fatal crashes were reported while six other road crash victims also died of their injuries raising the death toll to 13.

Police and DIG media spokesman Ajith Rohana, commenting on the crashes, said: “The dead are motorcyclists, passengers and pedestrians. Therefore, all precautionary measures should be taken to ensure road safety. Bikers, pedestrians and passengers are the vulnerable groups on the roads. Therefore, they must be vigilant. As for the Police, operations have intensified to stop unruly drivers. Therefore, I ask all drivers, riders and pedestrians to obey the rules of the road and obey all traffic signs in order to ensure your own safety and that of other road users.

Meanwhile, the police had also launched a special traffic operation in the Piliyandala region on Thursday (14) and 12 bikers were arrested by the police for speeding and violating the traffic code. “We have made constant announcements about this. Recently two girls were killed in an accident in Egoda-Uyana and a similar incident happened in Mahawa about a month ago. Therefore, we have made constant requests to the youth of the country and especially the bikers asking them not to ride at high speed. However, these operations are carried out continuously and the arrested suspects were indicted yesterday in the Kesbewa Magistrates’ Court, ”he said, warning motorcyclists to respect speed limits and follow the highway code. otherwise they would risk being arrested and charged.


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