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A good device protection plan means that a damaged smartphone, new or old, won’t cost a fortune.

Allstate phone insurance is a type of device coverage that ensures you’ll get a repair or replacement quickly if your smartphone is damaged.

The right insurance company and the right plan make all the difference in the coverage you receive.

Allstate Insurance has exceptional experience in device coverage as it has offered Walmart’s Protection Plus plan for most of its products since 2018.

Anyone who’s done any comparisons – or who’s ever bought coverage – will quickly find that there is a wide range of plans out there, and they are all very different from each other. While some offer a bare minimum of protection in extremely specific circumstances, when you speak to an experienced agent, you can be sure that the protection you purchase will cover your device the way you expect it to.

The key to finding the perfect Allstate phone insurance plan is to contact an experienced local Allstate agent.

If you are wondering “how do I find insurance agents near me” the answer is not difficult if you are in California. Kimberley Ellison has two Allstate local offices in the Santa Clarita neighborhood, a suburb of Los Angeles. As an experienced local agent, she understands the ins and outs of specialist plans like this.

A few weeks ago, Allstate has reopened its property insurance market to over 1,000 California zip codes and began offering an option to add free 30-day phone insurance with the start of a new home insurance policy. Having a knowledgeable agent is essential when special promotions like this are happening.

What should you expect from an Allstate phone insurance plan?

The Allstate Phone Protection Plus plan ensures that you have everything you need to make sure your broken phone is quickly repaired or replaced. The plan also includes SquareTrade’s premium tech support, as well as the insurance company’s own identity theft recovery coverage and even its roadside services.

How is your phone protected by this Allstate insurance policy?

  • It covers battery failure, liquid damage, cracked screen and more.
  • It covers any phone, regardless of age, your carrier, whether you own it or rent it. If you change your phone or operator, coverage goes with you.
  • It covers same day phone repairs (when service is available).

Included in the plan’s premium tech support, you’ll have access to certified technicians and the support they provide, including setting up a new phone (transferring preferences, contacts, and photos from your old device) , restoring a backup, changing or updating your settings, and configuring various features. This assistance also provides you with assistance to activate your Bluetooth, WiFi, smart home devices or repair lost connections, in addition to software and application support.

Other additional modules …

Allstate identity theft coverage in this plan includes credit, financial and identity restoration management in the event of theft. In such circumstances, you will also be assigned a privacy expert to answer questions. Beyond that, you will be able to use Allstate’s digital fingerprint to allow you to see who holds your personal data. In addition, Allstate Insurance also offers 24/7 roadside assistance options.

Contact a local Allstate agent to learn more about this coverage and options such as adding free phone insurance for 30 days when you purchase home insurance.


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