An ecosystem crisis


Ecological imbalances affecting the population of several animals in natural ecosystems is truly an established fact, as the population of most animals has drastically decreased. Balan P 2021’s article published in current science highlighted the imminent danger of animal population decline due to climate change.

The decline in the populations of bees, feline peas and jackals has been well documented. This is not only the case for the species mentioned above, but all other species that play a dominant role in the ecosystem are declining at an alarming rate. The author also observed a drastic drop in the number of Apisdorsatasettlements in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir.

This is largely due to the destruction of their nesting sites, the expansion of agricultural activities, the extensive use of chemicals, habitat destruction and unprecedented variations in weather conditions.

Moreover, the ruthless destruction of colonies for honey extraction has led to the death of a number of colonies along with their brood, even pest control services remove the nests of Apisdorsata urban dwellings in a very ruthless way.

This not only affected the pollination of several cultivated and wild plants, but also threatened the stability of ecosystems. Restoring ecological balance through more planting, limiting the indiscriminate use of pesticides and preventing habitat destruction could help bees thrive in the wild.


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