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Dear KC: You have my sympathy and support, living in this “perfect lawn” stipulating an enclave. (For more on this topic, see my article “Lawns Be Gone” on Lawns are an ecological abomination, with their need for constant watering in most areas (and now with water shortages in many areas), as well as the application of herbicides and chemical fertilizers. These not only harm the aquatic life of runoff in lakes and streams, but enter our drinking water, dust, and rain – harming us, our pets, and our children, in particular. those who play on lawns and treated parks. Fertilizers are a major cause of algal blooms in lakes, made worse by warming climate and water temperatures, with some types being toxic to wildlife, dogs and other pets, as well as humans. .

Your community should be willing to feed wildlife and bird droppings on private property, which should be reseeded with native plant varieties. At least have such plantings around lakes to reduce chemical runoff from the lawn and give waterfowl a natural habitat.

Dear Dr Fox: Here in Cape Coral, Florida, we celebrate the preservation and protection of our wildlife. Our Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife and CC Wildlife Trust have purchased 44 lots, and it’s not over yet, with waffle turtles and burrowing owls and other wildlife. We need more donations to buy lots. Please watch


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