Animals begin to migrate into communities in the fall


Idaho (KMVT / KSVT) – Between October and December, animals will migrate from high altitudes to communities below.

“Especially our deer and elk, the antelope too, where the forage is greener in the summer of better quality for them, then they will come back down, in low lying areas that have less snow in the winter, are not as cold. , they can eat things like sage, bitter antelopes, some of the herbs that are still there, ”said regional wildlife biologist Sierra Robeatcek.

The most common time for them to move is at dusk or dawn. “You have different things going on with different species, but they’re all going to move right now,” she said.

This represents a danger for the drivers. Idaho State Police told KMVT they are responding to high amounts of car crashes against animals this time of year, not only on back roads, but on the road as well. highway.

“In preparation, think about what you could do, if you see animals, if you have the time and you see them along the road, slow down considerably, turn on your emergency turn signals, this will let other drivers know that there is a danger in the area, and realize that if you see an animal, along the road, even if you have passed that one, there are quite often more in the area, ”said the ISF Patrol Sergeant Michael Wendler.

And they both say to never hurt yourself or another driver in order to avoid hitting the animal.

“If you find an animal on the road suddenly in front of you, we ask drivers not to step aside, especially if you are here on high speed highways. end up rolling their vehicles, it is much better to end up hitting this animal rather than hitting the tree or rolling your vehicle, ”said Wendler

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