Arkverse Metaverse ecosystem for animal lovers gears up for launch


Arkverse, a blockchain-based metaverse ecosystem, is thrilled to announce that it will release its meta bus game. The project was founded in 2022 with a unique play-to-win model to build a metaverse ecosystem that focuses on animals. It also has a touch of adventure, ownership and rewards.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, Jan. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — More than playing to win

Arkverse is created by animal lovers, for animal lovers. One of the main goals is to create a globally unique ecosystem that allows users to explore, design and share animal-related content. Its open-world environment is themed around animals, and participants will interact with it. The Arkverse model incorporates play-to-earn games that allow individuals to earn real money.

Arkverse is more than just a play-to-win metaverse. It extends in particular to the development of the first virtual ecosystem in the world. Users can immerse themselves in an exciting open world of creatures. In addition, they can learn about many environmental challenges. The initiative plans to empower people by contributing to animal rights organizations.

Animal-based ARK NFT

Arkverse seeks to create a tight-knit community of animal lovers. To do this, it intends to allow users to cooperate and share user-created material, thereby supporting the organic growth of the metaverse. The ecosystem integrates NFTs, governance tokens and the game economy to provide users with a structured, sustainable and rewarding game loop.

Prior to showcasing their Metaverse, Arkverse will launch a series of ARK NFTs. Each NFT series will have its tokenomics, which will be linked to its IDO and its Metaverse. Arkverse will introduce the first Arkverse NFT series, consisting of 2,022 Tigers with great benefits for holders, on February 1, 2022. Later, Arkverse intends to launch a 3D NFT.

Arkverse Tokenomics

The Arkverse is a multi-coin system with two distinct tokens – $ARK and $Haven. The project will determine the exchange rate of the two tokens before the launch of their metaverse.

$ARK is the governance token for the Arkverse Treasury and DAO. On the other hand, $Haven is an in-game currency used in the metaverse for in-game transactions.

About the distribution of $ARK tokens, 30% of the total token supply goes to ecosystem rewards. 20% will go to token sales, where the project will distribute tokens for purchase according to the blocking schedule.

Metaverse development will take more than 20% of $ARK tokens. The amount allocated as a reward to team members who contributed early in the project is 10% of the total token supply. Meanwhile, the amount reserved for the animal monetary foundation is 5%. DAO’s governance will determine both the method and the amount of the donation. Meanwhile, Advisors, Partnerships, and Marketing will all receive 5% and cash.

What’s next for Arkverse?

For the first quarter of 2022, the project plans to launch the pre-sale of seeds and a DEX list. From there, the first NFT strike will go live with Series 12 Zodiac Animals, followed by the opening of an NFT market. There will then be a second and third strike of the 12 Zodiac Animal series, respectively.

The first strike of the ARK NFT Animal Lives Matter series will be for Q2. Then there will be the reveal of concept art and core gameplay elements. Finally, the ARK NFT Animal Lives Matter series will be the second strike.

Q3 and Q4 will release the Arkverse Alpha release and governance respectively. Finally, there will be an open beta of Arkverse in 2023.

About Arkverse

Arkverse is a blockchain-based metaverse ecosystem built by and for animal lovers. Everyone in Arkverse is free to produce, distribute and trade content to receive economic incentives. The project aims to become a leading P2E metaverse ecosystem for exploring, creating, and sharing animal-related content.

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