Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary expands to accommodate more small animals


Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is expanding its facilities to accommodate more animals.

Shovels went into the ground this month for the construction of a new 768 square foot building that can serve as a year-round nursery.

(Provided by Linda Glimps, Aspen Valley)

“Last year alone, over 103 unique and different species were admitted to the facility. And so we’re at the point where we just need to expand our facilities, specifically the expansion of our nursery and our small animal facility,” says Linda Glimps, executive director of the sanctuary.

According to Glimps, they’ve seen a spike in the number of animals injured or orphaned as a result of vehicle collisions this year. She asks drivers to slow down and watch for wildlife, to prevent those numbers from continuing to climb. “At the facility, we already have over 400 pets admitted, and the season is still long,” she says.

The new facility will house small or young animals as they are rehabilitated before being released back into the wild. Glimps says species vary wildly, from raccoons to turtles to birds — anything the size or smaller than an adult fox.

The foundation for the new building (provided by Linda Glimps, Aspen Valley)

The building will be separated into four units, which Glimps says will prevent disease from taking hold and spreading, while keeping prey and predators away from each other.

“We try to replicate as much as possible what they would have if they were still in their natural environment,” says Glimps. “So we don’t want an orphaned or injured animal to go through extra stress by having the scent of what would be a natural predator for them. It is therefore very important that we try to keep these species as separate as possible. »

According to Glimps, a local architect has dedicated her time to the project and the installation should be complete by mid-August. In the meantime, she says any help the community can offer would be greatly appreciated.

“As a nonprofit, we rely on donations and community support,” says Glimps. “Financial donations are always welcome as we can use the money where it is most needed. In this case, we are making a fairly large investment in this facility.

Glimps adds that they are also looking for donations of building materials such as windows, doors, lumber, metal roofing, insulation and lighting. She says anyone wishing to contribute should contact by phone at 705-644-4122, or Aspen Valley website.


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