Batman movie insurance may not extend to Ben Affleck


The actor’s brief stint as the Dark Knight can be cut short due to a lack of adequate coverage.

Ben Affleck might not be able to continue in his role as Caped Crusader due to the Batman movie insurance costs it would take to cover him. A recent report indicated that the premiums for its post-rehabilitation coverage would be prohibitive.

Affleck returned to rehab earlier this week with encouragement from his former wife.

Actress Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck’s ex-wife, encouraged him to return to rehab. As a result, the Batman movie’s insurance of the Justice League star will be significantly higher than in previous films, even within the same series. This, according to a TheWrap report, who cited industry experts familiar with the subject.

The actor had “fallen off the wagon some time ago,” said a report from TMZ, which also said he had “gradually gotten worse”.

Affleck is a recovering alcoholic. This latest admission to rehab represents the second time he has sought this type of help in the past year. This is his third time in rehab in the past twenty years.

This trend has made it more difficult for Warner Brothers to find affordable Batman movie insurance.

The Batman actor’s growing and continued need for rehab could mean Warner Brothers will remove him from the lead role, TheWrap media report said. This would mean that he would no longer play the Dark Knight in future Batman or Justice League films. Expensive insurance is not something that would go away in the near future.

“It is more than likely that the studio will replace it as insurance costs will skyrocket,” said an anonymous representative of a completion bond company quoted by TheWrap. The actor “would be bondable, but the deductible would be really high, probably the film’s budget,” said a lawyer specializing in insurance and bond products. The source of the bond company said that insurance companies could make coverage extremely expensive.

In fact, the source said insurers could require the studio to put half of the film’s budget in escrow as insurance deductible. That’s no small number for Batman movie insurance coverage. For example, the Justice League movie’s budget was around $ 300 million, and before that, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice cost $ 250 million.


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