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Bat populations can be found in many different locations in and around Blair County.

One of the biggest tourist attractions that is home to a large population of bats in County Blair is the Tyrone Cave Nature Reserve area.

In this cave, the little brown bat or the little brown bat can be found, as well as other occasional species of bats.

Over the past two years, there have been many controversies over whether bats were the species responsible for spreading COVID-19 around the world.

Scientists have done a lot of experiments in an attempt to answer the question, however, the question remains unanswered.

Although some research shows that it is possible that the virus originated in a species of bats, there has been no published scientific evidence that bats can be naturally infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Bats are considered by scientists to be animals that can be reservoirs of many transmissible viruses.

But on the other hand, bats are also considered essential for humans and the ecosystem. Their strong immune system is studied to find cures or therapies for viral diseases.

Bats help maintain the balance of the ecosystem by eating insects that damage crops, and they also eat mosquitoes that transmit malaria, a fatal disease for humans.

The best way to feel safe and ensure the well-being of our community is to test local bat populations for any viral disease transmissible to humans. This way we can take precautions and avoid overcrowded areas with bats.

Specialists should be called if bats enter a house and under no circumstances should anyone try to touch or grab a bat with their bare hands.

Dorina Istrefi


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