Beech Mountain named Certified Wildlife Habitat


BEECH MOUNTAIN, NC – Wilson King moved to Beech Mountain 50 years ago. He is a real estate agent and also owns a ski shop.

What do you want to know

  • The Town of Beech Mountain is now a Certified Wildlife Habitat
  • The municipality had to agree to have resources for the animals to be able to claim this certification
  • Wilson King pushed the city to seek certification. He thinks it will help keep the area vibrant

“I found my place,” King said.

It’s a place he works hard to improve. This is shown on the plaque that now stands outside the town hall. The plaque states that Beech Mountain is a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

“If it’s not important for four-legged animals, it’s not important for two-legged animals,” King said.

King lobbied for the city to seek certification because he says it will help keep the area vibrant.

Living near a resort, people come and go, but this plaque is a reminder.

You walk through your door and you’re in the middle of the greatest spectacle on Earth. Deer, turkeys, all kinds of animals, bears, are right on your doorstep,” King said.

To be designated a wildlife habitat community, the town had to agree to provide what the animals need: food, water, places to sleep or shelter, and places to raise their babies. .

King hopes this designation will remind everyone in the area to work hard to keep Beech Mountain the beautiful place it is.

“If you haven’t experienced that nice calm, it’s hard for people to understand what it’s about,” King said.


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