Blast fishing destroys the river ecosystem


Binika: Rampant blast fishing in the Jira River using dynamites and other explosives has become a cause of grave concern for the people of Subarnapur district. This dangerous and illegal act of fishing poses a serious threat to the river ecosystem, according to reports. Although it is an easy method to catch fish in the river, blast fishing highly contributes to the destruction of aquatic animals and plants in the river bed.

Such fishing methods destroy aquatic wildlife habitats, killing animals indiscriminately. Apart from this, it has affected the livelihoods of local fishermen who depend on the Jira and Mahanadi rivers for their livelihoods as the catch of fish has declined. According to allegations, some anti-social elements are illegally using blasts as a method of fishing, despite protests from locals. They detonate dynamites or other chemicals to catch fish from the river. “The unbridled explosions not only cause the destruction of the river’s aquatic ecosystem, but also pollute its water, causing serious setbacks to the livelihoods of thousands of fishermen in the region,” said a local fisherman, adding that it was also causing serious problems. health hazards.

Flowing through Sarangpalli and Hutuma under Bankighirdi gram panchayat of Binika block, the Jira River falls at Mahanadi in Arigaon village. The river is home to a variety of fish. In a bid to catch fish in large quantities, mafia gangs put explosives in beer bottles and use them for blasting. Residents further alleged that despite sincere requests, officials did not bother to curb the illegal act and take necessary action. “Fishing is our lifeline, but illegal blasting has affected our livelihoods so badly that our children are forced to leave the state in search of income,” lamented a local fisherman. When contacted, Binika tehsildar Mukteswar Panigrahi said: “This illegal blasting in rivers to catch fish is a punishable offence. I have ordered the local Revenue Inspector (RI) to investigate and take strict action in this regard. »

On the other hand, the police ensured to take strict measures against those found guilty in this case. “We have received no complaints about illegal blasting. We will take action to end this illegal act,” said Binika IIC Pabitra Sahu.


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