Boom Fantasy offers daily and progressive jackpots for fantasy sports


[toc]Daily fantastic sports Start Boom Fantasy continues to tempt fans in his clever way. With a non-traditional format, the New York DFS company has made some moves in the DFS space since launch in 2016.

Boom Fantasy recently launched a new Daily Jackpot of $ 100,000. The contest costs $ 3 to enter and gives users a chance to win a six-figure prize on any day of the week.

What is Boom Fantasy?

Boom Fantasy is an alternative to the traditional DFS salary cap format. Rather than building entire queues, users choose from a series of player-specific proposals. Each question is assigned a bonus value, so users are rewarded for choosing the least likely outcome.

NFL contests typically have eight selections. Here is an example of the choices users face:

Players accumulate base stats in addition to bonus points to lead the category.

Boom Fantasy a privately raised at least $ 3.5 million through two funding rounds. Its investors include the Founders Fund partner Cyan ramp, CEO of Zynga Marc Pincus and former executives of Major League Baseball and ESPN.

Boom Fantasy jackpots

Boom Fantasy is already offering players the chance to win a progressive jackpot for only $ 2.

It’s currently over $ 30,000 after launching earlier this year, and the company says it’s the fastest growing feature of his product. Four users answered seven of the eight questions correctly, but the top prize has yet to be claimed.

Boom Fantasy has beefed up its jackpot offerings with the addition of a daily jackpot of $ 100,000. The $ 3 contest requires users to correctly choose all eight props to win payment. Jackpot contests will now also have their own dedicated customer section.

Here are the three jackpot contests available and the corresponding prizes:

  • $ 1 Mighty Dollar: Four questions; starts at $ 100
  • $ 2 Progressive: Eight questions; currently over $ 30,000
  • $ 3 jackpot: Eight questions; $ 100,000 in prize

CEO Stephen Murphy sees players wanting something different from salary cap sites, in favor of more relaxed DFS contests, like the ones offered on Boom Fantasy. He says this trend provided some of the impetus behind improving the jackpot system:

It is next to impossible for most sports fans to navigate the shark infested water of salary cap sites, with a game format inherently put in place to help the pros at the entrance en masse. We wanted to create a product where anyone with $ 3 could make a huge amount of money any day of the week.

Other forms of DFS

Most of the DFS landscape is occupied by traditional salary cap contests hosted on an online client. However, a few companies are considering alternatives in the space:

  • United StatesFantasy Sports is a form of DFS pari-mutuel offered primarily in Nevada.
  • FastPick is a Parlay-based DFS platform built by Resorts in Atlantic City.
  • EagleStrike Fantasy Sports operates a network of DFS kiosks in bars and social centers in seven states.
  • Disorganized offers an all-season hybrid product that uses snake air currents instead of manual range construction.

Some of the larger established DFS operators are seeing the benefits of these alternative formats. DraftKings launched Pick’em contests without a cap last year, and FanDuel offers mini contests with abbreviated lists, too.

Boom Fantasy has decided not to compete on the same ground as the DFS ‘Big Two’, and its non-traditional approach generates enough interest to run big enough games. The new jackpots are just their latest take on trying to give fantastic users something different.


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