CEO Tom Wilson wants more independent Allstate agents but no “human modems”


The insurer’s managing director is looking to buy more independent agencies to take advantage of the newly acquired businesses.

According to chief executive Tom Wilson, the insurance company is looking for more independent agents from Allstate, according to a recent Reuters report.

It is about capitalizing on the business acquired by the insurer when it hired National General.

That said, Allstate’s independent agents that the insurance company is research are those who will be able to have in-depth discussions with customers. The plan isn’t just to hire people for data entry to generate a quote through a computer, Wilson explained in Reuters’ report on the Reuters Future of Insurance USA 2021 conference.

“There’s no future in there – no more need for a human modem,” explained the CEO. Instead, the insurance company aims to provide its agents with exploitable customer data via the computer, in order to allow “a real conversation”. He stressed the importance of having a real discussion that allows agents and clients to work together to find the ideal solution. “What about your 16-year-old? Does your son or daughter in college actually drive the car? You can have a different kind of conversation. This is what we are trying to do.

This strategy for Allstate independent agents takes a radical departure from the recent direction of the company.

Over the past year, the insurance company has been heavily focused on accelerating its “digital transformation” in response to the needs of enabling people to work from home during the downturn. pandemic, while consumers have increasingly turned to online resources to interact with their insurers.

Earlier in 2021, the insurer sold its life insurance and annuity business. Almost simultaneously, it acquired National General Holdings Corp. This has allowed the insurer to dramatically increase its agent network selling from a range of vendors, although Allstate’s phone and web sales have shown significant growth.

Allstate Independent Agents - person providing customer serviceNow, to continue this growth trend and continue the acquisitions made with the purchase of National General, the insurer is preparing to bring in more independent Allstate agents to complement the digital assets it has deployed over the years. last months.


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