Check out all the cute animals in this FarmVille 3 trailer


Mobile gamers will be back to a classic soon as Zynga released a new trailer for FarmVille 3.

The short teaser features some of the new agricultural landscapes found in the new game, as well as some of the different animal species that can be bred in this new installment, including goats, cows, alpacas, and more. Farm workers can also be seen interacting with the animals, in one case feeding a calf.

Baby animals like the fed cow feature prominently in the teaser, a nod to FarmVille 3’s all-new breeding mechanic. According to the official version, over 150 animals will feature in the game, including horses, pigs. and arctic foxes also among the wildlife of Farmville 3.

Fans of the longtime mobile franchise can also access new FarmVille-themed social features, including Zoom backgrounds and selected images featuring facts about the different animal species in the game.

Farmville 3 is the latest entry in the successful FarmVille social game franchise. The first Farmville was launched in 2009 as part of the Facebook platform, while FarmVille 2 launched five years later and has seen two expansions: Country Escape and Tropic Escape.

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