COP27: Ellie Goulding launches a new initiative to protect colonial animals


Fri 18 Nov 2022 | 10:59

UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Ellie Goulding launched a new initiative at COP27 aimed at protecting colonial animals.

The new initiative came just a week after the British star led an expedition in the Red Sea, off Sharm el-Sheikh.

Speaking to a panel held on the sidelines of COP27, Goulding said, “There’s this pure visual beauty. When you walk past with your mask on and witness this brilliant cornucopia of sea life, it feels like all life is swimming before your eyes. And it reminded me that coral only covers a tiny percentage of the seabed, but it’s home to a quarter of all known marine species.”

Furthermore, Goulding reminded participants that even at 1.5°C of warming, 70-90% of all reefs will be lost; that number jumps to a worrying 99% if our planet warms by 2.0 degrees Celsius.

“It’s one of the most climate-tolerant reefs in the world, and it just so happens to be right here at your feet in Sharm el-Sheikh. And it’s no ordinary reef. It’s one of nature’s great survivors and it could be the key to regenerating other reefs in the future,” she explained.

The singer-songwriter said it was “insulting” that less than 0.01% of climate funding is spent on protecting coral reefs.

“I call on the global leadership community to recognize that coral reefs are one of our greatest collective assets and to be seriously, seriously ambitious and competitive in funding, restoration and protection,” he said. she declared.

It should be mentioned that coral reefs, which provide food and shelter for more than 7,000 other species, are dying due to warming and acidification of the ocean. Plus, the “animal posters” of global warming – starving at the North Pole due to lack of sea ice in a warming world.


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