Delighted the Greensboro Science Center red panda is moving to a new habitat!


GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – They’re growing up so fast!

Greensboro Science Center’s red panda, Ravi, is moving!

Well, moving to a new exhibit, that is. The Greensboro Science Center shared on their Instagram that Ravi has grown up and “the time has come for him to be moved to the red panda exhibit.”

Its feeding times will be 11:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., which people can always look out the window of the red panda’s indoor habitat!

GSC also told us that Tai and Usha will be in the outer part of the panda’s habit, with a separate inner habitat. They still won’t have direct contact with Ravi, but they can all see each other and they’re taking a while to get used to this change!

Ravi was born in mid-June and was the first successful red panda birth at GSC.

According to GSC CEO Glenn Dobrogosz, the red panda’s new habitat was designed specifically with the breeding program in mind.

About a month later, Ravi made his public debut. People sent in designs for his room and the public got to watch him grow up at Shearer Animal Hospital with regular feedings and lots of cute photos and videos on social media.

Now that Ravi is four months old, it’s time for him to pack up and have a bigger place where people can enjoy him even more.

They really grow too fast!


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