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Earn daily returns and play games in a unique ecosystem that combines P2E, DeFi and NFT – Alpha Kongs Club
Metaverse, NFT and DeFi: Here’s why they matter in the blockchain world?

Inclusiveness helps connect the virtual environment to real-world issues and exchanges. With Metaverse, trading in digital art and FinTech products has become more transparent and decentralized, while remaining securely on the blockchain. NFTs breathed new life into gaming platforms as players began to “play to win”. Today, games can help users earn NFTs that can be traded in marketplaces for higher prices. NFTs overlap Metaverse in their use cases. Game assets in the Metaverse case can be traded as NFTs using Metaverse coins. A new species of Alpha Kongs is now taking the lead.

Their intelligence and technological prowess make them the most advanced species in the metaverse.
An exclusive club of 8,888 Alpha Kongs, created by the artists behind Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Pokémon and more. This team of artists left an indelible imprint on the dominant culture. Each Alpha Kong is an impressive work of art. A few special legendary Alpha Kongs will even stand in this collection.

Alpha Kongs Club is home to hundreds of celebrities, top engineers, marketing experts, and crypto visionaries. Soon people will be able to join and participate in the Alpha Kongs ecosystem as it becomes a globally recognized project. The most determined early backers will get their hands on one of 8,888 digital artworks. Once the Alpha Kongs choose their 8,888 metaverse champions, many of them will be left behind.

Gorillas have been misrepresented for decades as fearsome animals. But now it’s time to change the narrative. Mountain gorillas share 98% of human DNA. They are practically family and there are only 1000 of them left. And we have to save them. The Alpha Kongs Club community has teamed up with award-winning musician Kiesza and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund to harness the power of NFTs and save the real Kongs.
Join Alpha Kongs Club to make a difference and save the Gorillas (@AlphaKongsClub)


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