First sample of ballistic rubber in Sri Lanka


The locally manufactured and newly developed ballistic rubber sample for shooting that emerged, as a result of a series of scientific research, carried out by the Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Defense was officially presented and presented to Army Commander Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayake at Army Headquarters on Wednesday by Researcher Major NABMS Nishshanka of the Sri Lanka Armored Corps attached to CRD.

These newly produced ballistic products, essential for the fire training sessions of the three services, are expensive and usually imported every year, but these new local products, now ready to be released for indoor ranges, must be tested first. during the proposed special forces capacity. Construction facility at 3rd Special Forces Regiment, Vavuniya before they are presented to Sri Lanka Air Force and Navy in the near future.

Realizing this much desired and timely need, the CRD, led by its Director General, Dr Tiran De Silva, developed this low cost ballistic rubber sheet for use by the Sri Lankan armed forces. Success was achieved through solid research that spanned over 6 months, followed by an additional 5 months of continuous testing to improve the quality and durability of the final product.

The final ballistic sample recently fired for testing was found to be sufficient to contain a high-speed shot fired directly at close range, say 6 inches. With the improved elasticity and strength to absorb a greater number of shots using a blend of synthetic and natural rubber, the rubber product ultimately proved to be very economical in the final test shot while still ensuring maximum safety for shooters, said the army commander. .

The project was started on the instructions of the Army Commander with the blessing of Defense Ministry officials who were generous in providing the CRD with the assistance required, given the importance of such research.

The commander, after closely inspecting the product, praised the CRD for its innovative thinking and manufacturing of the product which could now be used for training purposes, saving much of the country’s expense.

Tactical live-fire training is an important aspect of the Armed Forces in general and Special Forces and Commandos in particular, as training followed using ballistic rubber sheets provides increased safety for live-fire exercises. in enclosed spaces.

At present, ballistic rubber is used for training purposes by military personnel all over the world, such as USA, UK, Israel, etc. However, the use of ballistic rubber has remained unaffordable for the Sri Lankan military due to the high cost factor and its unavailability in the local market. The need for regular replacements and their higher maintenance cost also prevented the military from using them for training sessions.

The innovator, Major NABM S Nishshanka is a ballistics specialist and small arms and ammunition expert, and a respected Sri Lanka Armored Corps officer. During the formal occasion, the researcher was joined by Dr Chandana Perera, head of the nuclear, biological and chemical wing, CRD – MoD.

(SL Army Media)


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