Folk artist KELE FLEMING laments loss of ecosystem in “Where the Rivers Meet”



The indelible but tenuous link between the natural and human worlds is being tested like never before with unprecedented loss and change. And singer-songwriter Kele Fleming has distilled her grief over it and her relationships into a musical fusion of hope and healing in her new single, “Where the Rivers Meet” – available now.

The sixth single to be released from Kele (pronounced Kelly) Fleming’s fourth solo album, The Song I’ll Write For My Whole Life, “Where the Rivers Meet” is a touchstone for the layered feelings of grief and loss that surround their way through the album.

It was written while the nature-loving artist was spending time in the lush Kootenays region of southeastern British Columbia in 2019, the Victoria, B.C.-based artist recalls. “I was in one of my favorite places on Earth, surrounded by towering mountains, breathtaking forests, cool lakes and rushing rivers. The song captures my love of the natural world.

“And it’s a love song [about] wanting so much to have another chance and do well with the one you love.

Someday we’ll fix this
And we will walk hand in hand
Down the street
Where the rivers meet

Whether it’s our relationship to each other or the Earth, both are currently in jeopardy for their own reasons. Watching the massive fires that have occurred over several summers in Canada, the United States and Australia and how they have had a devastating impact on nature, animals and humans on many levels, prompted Fleming to point out the connection. fragile between these worlds singing.

“Our energy and our minds are affected by the marginalization and destruction of nature,” says Fleming. “Everything is connected and we have experienced a loss of connection. The beauty we experience in the natural world is also reflected in us.

Fleming released the song to draw attention to some of the most at risk areas of our local environments.

“I think it’s important to know more about these unique and key ecosystems,” says Fleming.

“Where the Rivers Meet” also means the meeting of two creative and connected artists. Singer-songwriter Aaron Trory, bassist for Fleming’s band, duet with her on the track.

“When I wrote the song, I knew Aaron’s voice was perfect for the duo and that he would bring a wonderful combination of courage and vulnerability to it,” she said, adding, “Aaron always says that when we sing this song together, it’s reminiscent of Gram Parsons and Emmy-Lou Harris. Quite esteemed company! ”

Finally, a little family approval helped Fleming decide to highlight “Where The Rivers Meet” as a single outing. “It’s my dad’s favorite song out of all the songs I’ve written!” “

“Where Rivers Meet” is available now.

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