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A powerful enemy and existential threat to humanity in the Halo series, the Theocratic Covenant Empire was an alliance that was determined to launch something called “The Great Journey”.

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Although they operate as a monolith, the Covenant is actually a myriad of races, with their own cultures, motivations, and ways to the point that sometimes in Halo 2 it leads to the “Great Schism”, the splitting of the Covenant. While they all serve their purpose within the Covenant and the story of the Halo series by and large, some of them, whether through their role in the plot, their personalities, or their combat roles, are much more interesting than the others.

8 Prophets

Halo Infinite Strong Villains Ranked 6 The Prophets

Species name: San’Shyuum

The Prophets are the highest religious and political leaders of the Alliance, using their mastery of both religious dogma and revered Forerunner technology to guide the other races of the Alliance on the path of the Great Journey. They are also the worst, and they are all lies and misinterpretations.

Fewer high priests and more politicians who conspire with the help of the Covenant religion, the Prophets embody the worst abuses of those in power, selectively applying their religion where they see fit and betraying other races when it suits them. suits them, like when they rejected the Elites in favor of the Brutes.

They are not even faithful to each other, as the prophet of truth showed in his treatment of the prophet of mercy. You only fight one in the series, the Prophet of Regret in Halo 2, who other than being able to take a surprising amount of punches from a fully Mjolnir-armored Master Chief has no redeeming qualities. , and it’s probably a product of gameplay rather than canon.


7 Drone

A drone is a pest.  A swarm is a problem.

Species name: Yanme’e

A race of insectoid beings who function as specialist mechanics and fighters for the Covenant. Although physically weak, with individuals taking as many hits as the average grunt, drones are not to be underestimated.

They’re rarely alone, and their skill in flight means you’ll need to aim carefully to take them down, not to mention that they use their weapons, usually plasma guns and needles, to devastating effect if a swarm of them focuses fire on a target. Their backgrounds, personalities, and motivations beyond killing enemies and crafting beehives are not developed in the games.

6 Engineers

Rarely seen, the Huragok are a valuable part of the Covenant, though they are treated more like tools than people.

Species name: Huragok

The real reason for the Prophet’s mastery of Forerunner technology, Engineers are a race of artificial lifeforms created by Forerunners to be used as tools. For the most part, they remain out of action and are rarely seen at all, working in the background to ensure that the Forerunner technology the Covenant has commandeered remains in working order.

When they take to the field, they tend to play a supporting role, protecting their allies and sometimes acting as unwitting suicide bombers. Their rarity means you rarely see their personalities, but it’s heavily implied that they’re unwitting participants in the Covenant-Human wars with a few defections on the human side.

5 raw

Halo Infinite: Banished Brutes in Full Armor with Grav Signature Hammers

Species name: Jiralhanae

Commanders in the field and usurpers of the place of the Elite Sangheili to the right of the Prophets, the Brutes are not to be neglected in the field of combat. Physically they are somewhere between a monkey and a bear, but somehow much more muscular. They levy their physicality in battle with their high health pools and devastating melee attacks, living up to their nickname.

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However, treating the Brutes as raging fools would be a mistake. Although they appear less sophisticated than some other races, their rugged appearance belies animalistic cunning and a surprising ability to scheme. Yet they tend to be myopic in their motivations and less interesting than the Elites in both combat and story.

4 Jackals / Skirmishers

Kig-Yar - Jackals (left) are long-range specialists with one large shield and skirmishers are mid-range specialists with two smaller shields.

Species name: Kig-Yar

Unsung heroes of the Covenant war effort, the Kig-Yar serve as the middle ground between the elites and the most powerful brutes and expendable grunts. Their roles on the battlefield are divided into two types: the Jackal and the Skirmisher.

The former is much more common, which shoots enemies from afar with the powerful and accurate Beam Rifle. On Legendary difficulty, encountering a Jackal sniper means being sent back to your last checkpoint before you even know what hit you. If you get close, the jackals can still be a threat, wielding an energy shield and close-range plasma gun.

Skirmishers are medium-to-close-range stalkers, using their agility for lightning attacks while sporting smaller energy shields, making them more mobile than their Jackal cousins. While their personalities aren’t explored much in the games, they provide interesting wrinkles to gameplay, and often the pace of a fight is controlled by how the Kig-Yar are deployed.

3 Hunters

Halo 3: pair of hunters charging their fuel gun attack

Species name: Lekgolo

One of the most fearsome enemies in the series, Hunters are a sight to behold, using powerful long-range Assault Cannons to attack and defend with a shield, something they can also use to crush enemies. nearby enemies thanks to their enormous size. A Hunter is a threat, but they’re still deployed in pairs, essentially making every encounter with them a boss fight.

They’re heavily armored with weak spots in their heads and torsos, but even taking advantage of them is tricky thanks to their shields and tendency to protect each other.

More interesting is their physiology, since each hunter is a colony of worm-like creatures, giving them exponentially more strength and intelligence than any of them. When these colonies get large enough, they split into another colony, which is why they only appear in pairs. These attached brothers care deeply for each other, and if one dies, the other enters a frenzied state of suicidal desperation, making them even more dangerous.

2 Elites

Halo Wars 2: Elites Banished Under Fire While Wearing Signature Red Armor

Species name: Sangheili

Noble warriors who, until the Brutes supplanted them, served at the right hand of the Prophets and were the first race to join the Prophets, leading to the founding of the Covenant. Like samurai, elites value honor and martial might above all else, which puts them at odds with opportunistic bullies and morally flexible prophets, which likely contributed to the Great Schism that saw the Covenant split apart. and some of their old forces. side of humanity.

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On the ground, Elites are commanders and specialists. Fearsome enemies, they can wield most weapons expertly, though they tend towards plasma rifles and the power sword, the latter being unique to Covenant elites and can fire at you if you don’t have your own power sword or a shotgun at close range. They also use full-body energy shields, like Master Chief, which makes them extremely difficult to defeat in combat.

1 growls

Four Grunts with grenades running towards the screen

Species name: Unngoy

The staple cannon fodder of the Covenant armed forces, they are as plentiful as they are easy to kill, and yet they have a certain charm. Maybe it’s because they’re so common, but of all the Alliance you see their personality the most.

They are equal parts fanatics and cowards, often scattering and screaming in despair and fear at the sight of the Master Chief, and yet, ultimately, they will secure their place on The Great Journey by priming two plasma grenades. by hand. and attempt to take you with them. Plus, they’re kinda cute in a preposterous way, like a cross between a monkey and a dog.

If you ever feel bad about mowing them down en masse, find and activate the Grunt Birthday Party Skull so that every time you shoot one you at least get confetti and cheers.

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