Here are the issues: Five Tasmanian Devils join the Orana Park habitat


There could be a Trans-Tasman biffo in the next few days as five Aussie dudes take on their Kiwi pals… and one devil is sure to be the winner.

It comes after five Tasmanian devils left their home on their big OE on Thursday, even making a cosmopolitan stopover in Melbourne before arriving at Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch the following day.

Then the little furry guys went wild in their new flash setups, sniffing out everything, including the unusual aroma of their four resident Kiwi companions who already jumped the ditch in 2019.

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Like the whirling dervishes, Pendlebury, Chester Campbell, Steele, Fox, and John quickly settled in, but there’s still a small matter of pecking order to consider.

Separated for now, the three-year-old boys have plenty of energy and can’t wait to go up against the older residents – although it seems the Pendelbury and Steele siblings are more lovers than fighters.

Fox (pictured) was seen as the 'second-feistiest' of the new signings, which include Pendlebury, Chester Campbell, Steele and John


Fox (pictured) was seen as the ‘second-feistiest’ of the new signings, which include Pendlebury, Chester Campbell, Steele and John

The same cannot be said for Chester Campbell who has already established himself as the most spirited of the crew with Fox not far behind.

Then there’s little John – the tiniest devil, who seems to go with the flow.

Fortunately, the source of all their shedding – namely women, is not present, thus increasing the chances of joyful relationships with Trans Tasmans.

Hailing from [email protected]’s – a Tasmanian devil breeding and keeping facility, the five boys are a significant part of a declining population due to a rare contagious cancer called Devil Facial Tumor Disease which has reduced numbers savages by more than 60%.

[email protected] Managing Director Wade Anthony accompanied the delicious Devils on their journey to Christchurch. With a climate and vegetation similar to Tasmania, Anthony has no doubt that cheeky carnivores will eventually settle there.

Like many young Antipodians on their first trip abroad, the fiends pick up just about anything, according to Anthony, although they are fond of a wallaby and a weird opossum.

Exotic Species Manager at Orana Park, Rachael Mason, loves working with demons and says they can be shy, curious and “quite cuddly” at times.

“He’s a fun animal to get to know and very, very cheeky,” she shares.

    Devils@Cradle Managing Director Wade Anthony accompanied the Devils on their Trans-Tasman trip to Christchurch.


[email protected] Managing Director Wade Anthony accompanied the Devils on their Trans-Tasman trip to Christchurch.

On frosty, clear mornings, Mason will often catch the demons “panking” with all four legs outstretched, so they catch as much sunlight as possible, but as soon as conditions turn cold, she finds them all fine. squeezed into their beds.

Partial to a nightlife spot, devils prefer to nap during the day. This comfortable life allows them to live up to seven years in captivity.

Mason is proud of the park’s role in raising awareness of the issues facing demons.

Through the Ambassador Program, the park generates funds for demons living in the wild, including contributing to radio collars for monitoring and the installation of innovative devices that help prevent demons from becoming life-killers. road.

But there will be no need for tracking devices at the park this week. Becoming New Zealand’s favorite home of the devils has its benefits for Canterbury locals who will be able to come and meet the Australian newcomers this week.

Orana's Alien Species Manager Racehael Mason says demons can be shy, curious and sometimes


Orana’s director of alien species, Racehael Mason, says devils can be shy, curious and sometimes “quite cuddly”.


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