HO Brittingham kindergarten students present habitat research


Just before spring break, kindergarten students in Nina Wilkinson’s class were able to present their habitat research projects to family members, friends and staff at HO Brittingham Primary School.

“It was one of the first opportunities we’ve had to invite families back into our building since the pandemic began,” Wilkinson said. “We were excited to once again host an in-person event where students were able to share all the hard work they put into their projects.”

Students created a tri-fold presentation board after researching different habitats. Fifth-grade officials greeted families in the lobby and escorted them to the cafeteria, where kindergartners eagerly waited to present their research projects.

“The students chose two different habitats to research and write about. Once they had all their information, they described the habitats, including fun facts and food chains, and created their own directed drawings of animals that live in that habitat,” Wilkinson said. “I think their favorite part was putting their boards together however they wanted! The students had fun creating dioramas of their habitats with their families. It really created that bond between home and school, and parents were very excited to see what they were working on at school.” Kindergarten paraprofessional Angela Dominick said, “Their pride in their projects was evident when they described their habitats to others. their coolness and confidence were wonderful to see, and I enjoyed seeing their smiles at the end of their presentation.

Some search choices included rainforests, savannah, forests, desert, and of course the ocean. The students shared information about the types of animals, weather, plants and food chains that could be found in each of the locations as well as interesting general facts about each.

“I look forward to more occasions like this where we can invite families and community members to the school to see first-hand the hard work the students have put into their class projects,” Wilkinson said.


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