How the left-liberal ecosystem creates fabricated consent that is inherently anti-Hindu


The only idea that unites them is their anti-Hinduism; they doubt everything that is Hindu: it can be Hindu history, the Hindu way of life or Hinduism itself

The ecosystem is the relationship of an organism with its environment. An organism does not just develop on its own, but is the product of its ecosystem which supports, nourishes and grows it into part of its own species. Every ecosystem is made up of two components: living and non-living. In any natural ecosystem, the living elements are biotic elements like microbes, plants, birds, animals, and humans, while the non-living parts of the ecosystem include sunlight, water, air, space and earth. These interactions and interdependencies of living and non-living beings and things form an ecosystem.

An ecosystem has its different aspects like social ecosystem, economic ecosystem and political ecosystem. In the Indian social-political scenario, there is an ecosystem known as the left-liberal ecosystem which is known by various nomenclatures like leftist, leftist-congress, liberal, center left, secular, liberal-secular, etc. Their extreme version likes titles such as ‘Urban-Naxals’, ‘Tukde-Tukde Gang’, Urban-Rohingyas, etc,

Their ideological basis is contradictory and antagonistic in their principles. The left-liberal conjecture itself is an oxymoron. Liberals cannot be left and the left can never be liberal! The ideological reflections of left-liberals range from anarchism-liberalism to communism and Maoism. Their intellectual preparation is reflected in the thesis of the “mind control” of the targeted individual.

Like the natural ecosystem, there is a living organism which is represented by the human factor and non-living which is represented by institutions. The living part of left liberals are individuals, intellectuals, intelligentsia, authors, journalists, screenwriters, ideologues, producers, directors, filmmakers, pedagogues, historians, Bollywood actors, social activists, environmentalists, etc. Institutions in this ecosystem include academic institutions, universities, bureaucracy, research groups, NGOs, etc.

As sunlight permeates and sustains the entire ecosystem, “ideas” in its various manifestations like ideology, isms, propaganda, literature, research papers, articles, publications, books, etc., play the role of sunlight that permeates all areas of this ecosystem. ecosystem. As a natural ecosystem cannot function without water; the monetary element plays a vital role in this ecosystem. This ecosystem gets enough “space” in every story.

Some of the characteristics of the left-liberal ecosystem are:

– The only idea that unites them is anti-Hinduism. They doubt everything that is Hindu. It can be about Hindu history, Hindu way of life or Hinduism itself. Targeting Hindu culture and degrading anything that can make Indians proud of the achievement of Hinduism are their major unifying factors. Interestingly, they disdain religious, caste and regional loyalties and view Hinduism as primitive; they question Hindu traditions like ghoonghat, the worship of idols or the frequentation of temples, considering them as orthodoxy. But, they are silent about the evils of Islamism or any other religion. On the contrary, they zealously protect and even salute these traditions of Islamism on behalf of minority traditions.

– Even the history of India has been explained and interpreted from the anti-Hindu perspective where glorious and historic achievements are ridiculed, shunned and distorted.

– They hate everything Hindu and call anything and everything Hindu as communal, but are silent on Islamic fundamentalism and jihad.

– They say they fight for gender equality. They are distinguished by their silence when they question one of the traditions of Islam as burka or allow women to enter mosques.

– They “manufacture” consent. True to their god-cult, Gramsci, who advanced the idea that nation-states create “consent of culture”, i.e. hegemony, they create ideas that are hostile to culture. very “idea” of India. Additionally, the “narrative” is crafted and delivered through this mutually supportive ecosystem.

– To “manufacture consent”, they create ideas and narratives through corporate sponsored anti-Indian propaganda through mass media and commercialism. They keep silent about the Hindu genocides, but if the true version is told, they say it spreads hate propaganda.

– For them, it is a “war of stories”. They define their stories using information. For this, they can use any means – illegal, fabrication of lies, disinformation, misuse of loopholes in the legal system.

– They do not give up justifying violent and terrorist means. They pretend to oppose the government in power, but under the guise of an opposing government, they oppose the country and the nation itself.

Means Adopted by Left Liberals

● Their funding is always dubious and government agencies are always on guard to verify the source of their funds which mostly come from obscure, illegal and dubious sources. This fund also comes from international anti-Bharat groups, NGOs and countries that wage proxy wars against Bharat.

● They attack national symbols like the Indian army against which they can blame everything, from repression to rape. They celebrate the killing of Indian military and paramilitary personnel.

● They can use “propaganda warfare”. They can “troll” or make anything viral, regardless of the actual facts.

● They support each other on the principle: you scratch my back, I scratch yours. They praise each other, they “make” each other “eminent” scholars, historians and writers. When the regime is in their favour, they become award-winning scholars denigrating Hinduism and Indianness.

● Instigating fault lines within the Hindu religion and promoting one Hindu sub-community against others is their trademark.

The author is a freelance columnist. The opinions expressed are personal.

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