Hyderabad: Forest Department Gives Chikoti Praveen Clean Mark on Exotic Animals | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Forest officials who inspected the farm of casino agent Chikoti Praveen said they found no violations regarding his possession of exotic animals.
Forestry officer Vishnu Vardhan told STOI that Praveen had declared all animals in his possession to the wildlife chief and regular inspections were carried out by the anti-poaching team.
“So far, no violations have been detected, but we are continuing to check. A detailed report will be submitted in a day or two,” Ramesh Kumar, forestry officer with the anti-poaching team, told STOI.
Officials said they always check each enclosure and take necessary steps to verify that the animals are kept in enclosures that comply with forestry and wildlife guidelines. Any discrepancy may result in a reserved file under the Wildlife Actthey warned.
“Praveen has 12 different varieties of species including pythons, macaws, mullets, iguanas, monitor lizards and parrots. The enclosures are maintained according to wildlife rules,” Vishnu said.
The farm is spread over 20 acres of land at Saireddyguda near Kadthal.
Inspection of the forest department comes days after the Law Enforcement Directorate carried out raids and investigated deals of up to Rs 25 crore with casino dealers and hawala operators. Further investigation is still ongoing.

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