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I’m so glad to see a letter written (“Stop the Killings of Wild Animals,” Nov. 1) that explicitly focuses on the hypocrisy of our species. He noted that baby cubs who did nothing wrong were killed by Aspen authorities on the assumption that they could follow in their mother’s footsteps and, as adults, enter homes. in search of food. We are now in a world where animals are killed just because of a possibility?

The human-centered planet we have created leaves little room for seeing animals as fellow creatures, but lesser “others.” Therefore, we kill, trap and hunt them for our own pleasure, forgetting that they have lives, families and that they are sentient and intelligent. We learn more about their intelligence every day, from wolves to octopuses.

Korrie was right when he noted that it was Homo sapiens who caused all the problems on Earth. An obvious statement, but worthy of reflection.

Just this weekend, members of the small North Park wolf pack were wiped out by three men searching for a lark, as the wolves crossed the border into Wyoming. Why, I always ask? But there is no answer. Why anyone would find it amusing to end another animal’s life is a disease I could never understand. It is not hunting for food. I repeat, it’s killing for fun.

Korrie is right, imagine the beauty of our little blue dot freed from those who seek to spoil it.

Jacqueline Russell

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