Jeremy Clarkson reveals epic revenge on trophy hunters for killing endangered animals


JEREMY Clarkson has revealed he once “fucked up” as a trophy hunter in revenge for killing endangered animals.

Former Top Gear host, 61, confessed he “hated” an American dentist so much that when he fell asleep he urinated in his shoes in an attempt to teach him a lesson in trophy hunting .


Jeremy Clarkson said he “fucked up” trophy hunters’ shoes in revenge for killing endangered animalsCredit: Rex
Dentist Walter Palmer sadly killed Ceil the lion in 2015


Dentist Walter Palmer sadly killed Ceil the lion in 2015Credit: Reuters

Jeremy was appalled that the American had taken a vacation to shoot a polar bear for “fun”.

The Grand Tour presenter said: “There are a lot of dentists in America – and they’re still dentists, for some reason – who like to shoot lions. Or elephants. Or rhinos.

“I met one once, in the frozen wilderness on top of Canada.

“He was big at teeth whitening and had taken a fun few weeks off to hunt a polar bear.

“I hated him at the cellular level and I have to admit that one night, while he was asleep, I put myself in his shoes.”

Arctic-wide polar bears were listed as endangered in the United States under the Endangered Species Act in May 2008.

Jeremy’s confession comes after American dentist Walter Palmer sparked outrage across the world when he slaughtered Cecil the Lion in 2015.

He paid up to £ 80,000 last year to kill a huge ram in Mongolia.

Palmer was the subject of death threats – which ultimately forced him into hiding – after paying a bribe of £ 35,000 to game wardens to hunt the lion in a national park.


Fans recently saw Jeremy in a different light after appearing on his own farming show.

Jeremy recently revealed that two new stars will be joining Clarkson’s Farm Series 2.

Young farmer Kaleb, 22, was an instant hit with viewers when he made his Amazon Prime Video series debut earlier this year.

Kaleb’s ability to put Jeremy back in his place made for an entertaining viewing and he is set to return for Round 2 alongside the Grand Tour star.

However, the couple will also be joined by two new faces for series two, after Jeremy decides to try his hand at cow farming.

Jeremy is set to return to Amazon Prime with a second set of Clarkson's Farm


Jeremy is set to return to Amazon Prime with a second set of Clarkson’s FarmCredit: Instagram
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