Marine ecosystem breathes easily as forestry department plans elite force


Chennai: The state already has a maritime police patrolling the coastal districts and now with the foresters also forming a parallel working group, the marine protection will now have protection at three levels, including the coast guard.

“The protection of marine mammals will now receive more momentum and the project was recently announced by the state’s Minister of Forests and we will begin work shortly,” the senior chief forestry officer told DT Next. and Chief Wildlife Custodian Shekhar Kumar Niraj. The elite marine force will focus on protecting all marine animals, from whales to sea cucumbers and seahorses, the senior official said.

The new elite force will be reinforced with modern weapons and communications devices that will be needed for coastal protection. New modern boats will be purchased for the department and surveillance and patrol at sea will be strengthened in areas rich in marine life, the chief game ranger said, confident that the new task force will coordinate with other agencies. security to collect intelligence and prevent poaching of marine animals.

“All coastal districts in TN will receive elite force and the state has identified 16 critical wildlife divisions with the incidence of poaching and these areas will be the primary focus of the wildlife division,” Niraj added. .

According to sources from the state wildlife headquarters, efforts are underway to expand wildlife surveillance in the forest and marine divisions. To date, the Territorial and Wildlife Divisions are supported by 13 Forest Protection Squads, 17 Forest Stations and 11 Roving Checkpoints, operating in important and vulnerable areas across the state. There are 112 forest checkpoints with surveillance facilities.

Meanwhile, to consolidate forest lands by surveying and demarcating forest boundaries using advanced technologies such as differential global positioning system (DGPS) survey technologies, remote sensing and d Geographic information (GIS) are now being strengthened, with the department undergoing regular annual upgrading programs. , according to wildlife sources.


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