Masters made for a great weekend of fantastic golf for DraftKings


[toc]DraftKings proves that fantasy golf may not yet have reached its limit.

The numbers for DraftKings golf

The first major of the year, The Masters, marked the unofficial start of the daily fantastic golf season at DraftKings. (There are contests based on just about every event on the PGA Tour. But the bigger ones take place around the four major tournaments, including the US Open, the British Open and the PGA Championship.)

The Masters contest metrics were awesome no matter how you slice them up. Some of the data provided by DraftKings:

  • DraftKings had the the greatest day ever user registration fees for golf competitions for the Masters.
  • Thursday presented the the highest paying users in golf competitions for a single day (170,409).
  • The Millionaire Maker Guaranteed $ 3.5 Million is the largest golf competition ever organized by DraftKings. (Just two years ago, when DraftKings started promoting fantasy golf, the Masters’ best competition was $ 2.2 million guaranteed.)

DraftKings recently launched a advertising push for fantastic golf.

All this, despite a competing FanDuel product

DraftKings has accomplished all of the above, even with a FanDuel entry into the fantastic golf vertical which was uploaded recently.

But that obviously didn’t stop DraftKings from selling most of his biggest contests; many of them filled up well before Thursday’s deadline for entries.

The two best FanDuel Masters competitions guaranteed $ 1.2 million. His biggest competition – a $ 750,000 guarantee with an entry fee of $ 4 – fell to over $ 100,000 before reaching its guarantee, resulting in an overlay for players.

DraftKings also launches ‘Weekend’ golf

The Master also marked the launch of Fantastic golf “weekend”.

DraftKings’ traditional golf offering covers every part of a golf tournament. But the Weekend iteration only involves the last two laps.

The reason: Many users are “dead” on the weekends because golfers are excluded from the real world tournament. Weekend contests allow DraftKings users to get in on the action with contests starting on Saturday.

DraftKings has sold its initial guaranteed $ 500,000 contest with more than 147,000 entries.


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