Measures are taken to curb the poaching of endangered species in Balochistan: Balochistan


Balochistan’s Wildlife Department was taking concrete steps to protect endangered eagle species from poachers under the 2014 Wildlife Act, Chief Wildlife Conservator Sharif Baloch said on Friday.

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – September 24, 2021): The Balochistan Wildlife Department was taking concrete action to protect endangered species of eagle from poachers under the 2014 Wildlife Act, said Friday Chief Wildlife Curator Sharif Baloch.

Speaking to APP, Sharif Baloch said the department has formed special teams to ensure wildlife preservation across the province, in addition to controlling poaching, illegal hunting and the trade in birds of prey.

“We are in coordination with the relevant departments to control the illegal trafficking of native birds abroad and zero tolerance has been adopted against poaching and the hunting of animals and birds in the province,” he said. he points out.

He said the ministry had ensured the preservation of wildlife in the province within the limits of limited available resources.

The government has functionalized the “Balochistan Council for Wildlife Conservation” to provide a research center dedicated to animal life, conservation and public recreation.

Baloch said the government was taking important steps to engage the community in saving wildlife and educating the masses about wildlife and nature conservation.

Baloch said the government had launched a community game reserve in Kharan to engage local people in an effort to conserve wildlife in the area.

He said a massive awareness campaign was underway to educate citizens about the importance of wildlife to the ecosystem.

The campaign was aimed at deterring poaching, a major threat to the province’s wildlife habitats, he added.

He said the government has also established the first GIS laboratory for mapping provincial forest resources and protecting wildlife across the province.

Balochistan has a rich biodiversity and natural heritage, especially wildlife which is unfortunately threatened mainly due to human activities and adverse weather conditions, he added.

Native eagle habitats are found in the Dalbandin, Zangi Nawar, Loralai and Zhob regions of the province.



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