Mechanics who own their own business need auto repair shop insurance


The garage liability coverage goes beyond what is covered by the usual commercial policy.

Owning your own garage can be a very lucrative business, but auto repair shop insurance can make the difference in preventing an incident from stopping it all. This liability coverage is generally considered a necessity for garages of all sizes.

In fact, garage liability insurance is often purchased by tow truck drivers, car dealerships, and even gas stations.

This is because auto repair shop insurance provides specialized protection for business owners working with cars. It extends beyond traditional commercial liability insurance to cover the operations and employees of a mechanic.

The main coverage it offers comes in the form of general liability insurance. He’s the guy most business owners are familiar with. It covers damage to or theft of machinery as well as bodily injury. That said, it does take into consideration the type of machines, tools, and other factors involved in operating your own garage.

Auto repair shop insurance is cheaper than many mechanics think, making it accessible to most.

The average annual cost of garage liability insurance is $ 300 to $ 1,000 per year. The specific bonus depends on many different factors. These can include everything from the size of your operation to the types of equipment to protect and even the types of cars you maintain and repair. The location of the garage will also often play a role in calculating the final total.

Many providers offer garage liability coverage for small businesss, which makes it easier to start online quotes. That said, if you have specific questions about coverage, it may be worth talking to an insurance agent with experience in providing this type of small business coverage.

The additional assistance of an insurance expert can be helpful as there are often risks that need to be covered, but many small business owners do not realize exist. This coverage is not only to cover the garage facilities against fire, theft, flood and other more obvious risks. It’s also important to consider the types of legal fees that could arise if a customer slips, falls and injures themselves on your premises or if their property – like a smartphone, computer, or other expensive property outside of the vehicle – is lost. damaged.

Auto repair shop insurance may cost slightly more than standard general liability insurance, but that’s because it covers the risks these business owners face in addition to the general risks. need, including tools and contaminants, among others. Small stores typically start with liability coverage of $ 1 million per event.


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