Medicine Park Aquarium seeks donations and sponsors new habitat for gray fox


MEDICINE PARK, Okla. (KSWO) – The Medicine Park Aquarium and Natural Science Center welcomes its new animal and hopes the community will help contribute to its new habitat.

A local rehabilitator contacted the Medicine Park Aquarium and Natural Science Center about a one-year-old female gray fox that was not rehabilitable.

“She doesn’t have the instinct to kill her prey and eat meat and survive on her own, so she can’t be released because if she were released she would eventually die,” the woman said. Executive Director Rainette Rowland. “She was starving.”

The aquarium staff were able to slowly introduce meat into Ky’s diet, but she needs a habitat of about 16 by 30 feet.

“It has to be completely fenced in, like wire underneath, top, sides, all because a lot of people don’t know the fox can climb and they’re very, very good climbers, so you have to have exposure completely closed for their safety,” Rowland said.

To build him a permanent home, the aquarium is trying to raise funds of around $25,000 or looking for someone to sponsor Ky.

“The cost of materials has gone up so much and it’s hard to build here because we’re on solid granite, so all of our exhibits, posts and everything are sunk like four feet into the granite, so it takes a bit of time to build. and it’s expensive,” Rowland said.

Already, Ky is preparing for her new keepers at the aquarium and they want Ky to live a happy and enriched life.

“She would curl up and be around and be very shy, and then once we had her she got used to us,” Rowland said. “She’s not aggressive, which we’re really grateful for, but now she’s becoming a bit of a diva.”

The goal of the aquarium is education through conservation.

“We want to show everyone, especially our kids in Oklahoma, that’s what’s in your backyard,” Rowland said. “It’s natural, it’s beautiful and that’s why we need to preserve it for future generations.”

If you would like to contribute, you can call the institution at 580-529-3601 or email Rowland at [email protected]

You can also simply stop by the gift shop to drop off your donation or mail it to 1 Aquarium Dr. in Medicine Park, OK 73557.

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