MetaBlaze Builds A Crypto Ecosystem Built To Last When Crypto Needs It Most


In today’s crypto world, it’s not enough to have a good product or a great idea – you also have to be able to earn the trust of potential users. MetaBlaze is a prime example of a blockchain company that has worked to earn public trust. The founding team of MetaBlaze went through an extensive KYC (Know-Your-Customer) procedure with Blockchain Security company, Certik.

By displaying a commitment to transparency and accountability, MetaBlaze has separated itself from other crypto projects in the space and shown that it is a company worth investing in.

MetaBlaze is an exciting new blockchain gaming company in its late presale phase. The company merges the best features of two fast-growing and popular crypto categories: DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and GameFi (Gaming Finance) to create a seamless ecosystem of value-added utilities designed to foster growth and optimize its sustainability.

The MetaBlaze ($MBLZ) token is designed to serve as a native currency within its multi-faceted ecosystem. MBLZ is a dual-reward multi-chain cryptocurrency based on the Binance smart chain, with an upcoming release based on the Ethereum blockchain. MetaBlaze plans to list cryptocurrency exchanges in July 2022.

The MetaBlaze team designed the ecosystem with various value-added utilities to continuously generate revenue in the economy through its multitude of utilities, ultimately creating more value for holders. Some of these features include a Smart dApp (decentralized application), a marketplace where users can buy, sell or trade items and assets. Additionally, users can expect an in-game staking platform that allows holders to earn crypto, a native Blockchain, and a gaming platform that brings the fun and excitement of gaming to the MetaBlaze ecosystem.

MetaBlaze has the potential to become the go-to platform for anyone looking to get involved in crypto gaming or cryptocurrency. MetaBlaze is a breath of fresh air and a recipe for exponential growth with an ecosystem built to last. MetaBlaze offers an all-in-one unified ecosystem for all things gaming and crypto.

Let’s face it; there is no denying the enormous value of the gaming industry. You don’t have to love the game to be fully aware of its global and multi-player story.hundred billion market in dollars per year. Fortune Business Insights says, “The global gaming market is expected to reach $545 billion by 2028.”

Lately, traditional gaming has been a one-way street once it became possible for players to purchase in-game assets, such as weapons from popular games like Fortnite. Players can put money in but never withdraw it; thus, just another revenue stream for the game company.

Blockchain gaming can be considered one of the most disruptive technologies in the entertainment industry, providing players with a way to buy, trade and sell assets with full proof of ownership stored on the blockchain. This will not only change the way we play games, but also the reason they are made; it completely revolutionizes the gaming industry.

MetaBlazes’ next AAA play-to-earn game is set to roll out in 2024 and will be accessible in its dApp, a smart, decentralized application. In this blockchain-based game, play to win, players take on the role of controlling NFT-based game characters, engaging in player-versus-player battles to take control of stunning 3D lands among virtual worlds and maintain the life of their species.

An NFT presale is currently underway for the first collection of NFTs integrated into the MetaBlaze ecosystem: NFT MetaGoblin. MetaGoblins are rare, tradable and verifiable digital assets stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. MetaGoblin NFTs bring holders a myriad of exceptionally valuable utilities, including perpetual royalties, access to exclusive NFT airdrops and in-game land plot NFT airdrops, and the list goes on.

BlazedApp (Decentralized application)

At the heart of MetaBlaze is its dApp (decentralized application), known as “BlazedApp”. BlazedApp will provide users with access to a variety of features, including the ability to play player versus player games. The Blaziverse will serve as the club membership of this 50-level interactive NFT strategy game and will house the first-ever NFT working ground.

MetaBlaze is shaking up the NFT world with its innovative approach to NFTs. With BlazedApp, users can use their NFTs in the Blazelands – the world’s first NFT working ground. In this unique space, NFTs can be put to work, generating perpetual income for their boss (NFT owner). Users can increase their income by accumulating more NFTs and developing their workforce. Additionally, MetaBlaze will introduce an NFT rental system for holders who may be interested in playing a more passive role.

MetaBlaze sets a new standard for NFT, demonstrating that they can be more than just digital collectibles. With BlazedApp, NFTs will be usable to generate passive income, providing a sustainable income stream to their owners. This innovative approach will certainly change the way we think about NFTs.

If you are looking for a way to increase your passive income, holding MBLZ tokens can be a good option. By holding these MBLZ Tokens, you will passively earn two different forms of cryptocurrency: MetaBlaze Token (MBLZ) and Binance Stable Coin (BUSD). However, MBLZ token holders can also log in to BlazedApp and exchange their Binance Coin rewards for any other cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain.

AI Driven Price stabilization mechanism and blockchain bridge

One of the unique features of BlazedApp is that it runs a smart contract and uses artificial intelligence to stabilize prices. The AI ​​monitors the market value and circulating supply of the MetaBlaze Token (MBLZ) to ensure price stability. If a large portion of the tokens are sold, the AI ​​automatically initiates a token buyback to keep the price stable. Additionally, BlazedApp serves as a bridge between the Binance smart chain and the Ethereum blockchain, enabling seamless integration of the MBLZ token across multiple chains.


Metablaze is one of those rare projects that offers something for everyone and the MetaBlaze team has gone above and beyond to build something unique. Metablaze is well positioned for explosive growth, and the ongoing token presale presents an ideal time to buy the next rising star in the crypto world. Don’t miss this opportunity; there are only eight days left in the current crypto pre-sale cycle!

The current presale price by MBLZ is $0.000095and one 5% The MBLZ bonus is issued per purchase transaction. The official stock exchange listing price is set at $0.0002according to the MetaBlaze website.

Join MetaBlaze Telegram channel and find out what the +18,000 community members have to say. To learn more or participate in the crypto presale, visit MetaBlaze and click the “Buy tokens here” button.

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