Mizoram Police Rescue 3 Exotic Animals Smuggled From Myanmar | Latest India News


Three exotic wildlife animals suspected of being smuggled from Myanmar were rescued by Mizoram police in Khawzawl district in the northeast of the state on Friday, a police officer said on Saturday. .

He said Khawzawl police intercepted a car at Tuisenphai checkpoint and recovered 2 spider monkeys (female with baby) and an Indri Lemur from the possession of Vanlalrosiama (25) and C. Liankunga (52). ), both from Champhai City.

The alien species were suspected of being smuggled from Myanmar, he said.

The rescued wild animals and the vehicles used to transport them have been handed over to the Champhai Customs Central Prevention Force, the officer added.

He said the state police are making massive efforts to prevent the smuggling of wildlife and other illegal items, including drugs and Burmese areca nuts.

State police in May seized a huge shipment of exotic pets (468 animals) in Champhai district near the border with Myanmar.

Five people were arrested for possession of the shipment, which included 4 turtles, 11 snakes, 442 lizards, 4 fingered sloths, 2 beavers, 4 pattos and a wild cat.

In another breakthrough, Mizoram Police also recovered and rescued nine exotic species animals from Vairengte on the Mizoram-Assam border last month.

The wildlife, which included two Capybara and 7 gray monkeys, were rescued while being transported to Assam.

Two people have been arrested for transporting the exotic wildlife species.


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