Moncton Zoo wins award for new squirrel monkey habitat – New Brunswick


The monkey trade is serious business at Magnetic Hill Zoo, where it just won the Thomas R. Baines Award for Excellence in Habitat Design and Development for the changes the zoo has made to the park, which includes its new habitat for squirrel monkeys, installed at the end of 2021.

“This construction included a beautiful new building for cooler temperatures for the animals, so that the zookeepers could properly manage them and ensure that they take care of their well-being,” the zoo director said Thursday. by Magnetic Hill, Jill Marvin.

The new enclosure is attached to the pre-existing exterior exhibition.

During the colder months, visitors can view the monkeys through a glass display case as they stay warm.

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Previously, they were moved to another building where visitors could not see them during the winter.

“With this new building, the keepers, if they fit the parameters of the animals, can let them out all day. So we’ve really increased the time they can spend outside, which is great for their well-being, but also for our visitors,” Marvin said.

Zookeeper James Cann said the new building was better suited to social animals.

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“They’re a group of six, they all have their own personalities and so this (enclosure) has three rooms inside, it has the big outdoor exhibit, which allows us to move the animals to where they need to be, where they want to be,” he said in an interview Thursday.

“You get to know them and they have different personalities. Some of them are more shy, some of them are outgoing, some of them are more dominant, some of them are more submissive to other group members.

Marvin said the zoo is currently seeking funding for the first phase of a project that would improve more habitats for the animals.

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“Phase 1 includes revamping our area for our lions, for our meerkats, and our tortoise, and our servals. So that represents big improvements for them, and the new growth in the penguin exhibit and our lemurs as well,” she said.


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