Most of the animals at the Reid Park Zoo will receive the jab


TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) – The Reid Park Zoo will soon vaccinate the majority of its animals against the virus that causes COVID-19.

“We know it affects many species at all levels. It is a very adaptable and very unique virus, ”said Chief Veterinarian Dr Alexis Roth.

She says they’ve never had a positive animal test, but the doses are expected to arrive in about a month as a preventative measure.

“It will be a series of two vaccines like it is in humans. You get your first vaccine, then three to four weeks later you get the second.”

Roth says primates, big cats, and creatures that come into closer contact with people will be on the front lines.

According to the CDC, more studies are needed to understand how different animals are affected. So a vaccine is not yet available for your pets at home.

“Domestic species like dogs and cats are also susceptible and have tested positive for the virus; the vaccine is not available to the public or your local vet, ”said Roth.

Roth says some zoo animals are just as or even more susceptible to COVID than humans.
She hopes vaccinations and guests wearing masks will keep her patients safe.




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