Mumbai: Stop Spraying Chemicals Into Lake Powai Crocodile Habitat, MPCB Told BMC | Bombay News


Mumbai: The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has now written to the S ward of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to stop spraying chemicals, such as glyphosate (a herbicide) in Lake Powai as it is likely to disturb or to affect the crocodiles and other marine animals that survive inside the iconic body of water.
The MPCB gave these instructions following a recent complaint by an environmentalist from the NGO Vanashakti, Dr Stalin, who said that plants such as water hyacinths were also turning brown and dying from the spraying of the product. chemical glyphosate on them.
Addressing TOI, Stalin said: “I am happy that the MPCB has taken corrective action and ordered the municipal body to stop spraying chemicals in Lake Powai. Several Indian marsh crocodiles, which are protected species that coexist in the lake, along with fish and other sea creatures can be severely affected by the use of glyphosate to eradicate water hyacinths. ”
The letter from the MPCB, signed by Regional Officer JS Hajare and submitted to BMC’s Sward office, stated: “The use of glyphosate may further have long-term effects on the aquatic environment of Lake Powai.
Elsie Gabriel, Powai-based environmentalist, commented: “Has an Environmental Impact Assessment report been finalized before awarding the contract to spray chemicals on the water hyacinths in the Lake ? Any random instinctive action to clean the body of water can be detrimental to the environment.
Gabriel added, “Already, with the lake peripheral concretization on all sides, including the isolated areas where crocodiles come to bask, Lake Powai is in danger of serious damage. A few years ago, citizens strongly protested against the installation of water fountains and fancy musical fountains in Lake Powai, but BMC had categorically done so. Today all of those fountains are dead and are rusting inside the body of water, so a waste of public money and common sense. ”
Meanwhile, Stalin added: “We are awaiting the formal response from BMC on the use of chemicals. We are also opposed to the construction of a cycle path around the lake. Several trees have already been cut down for this trail project, and crushed stones have been dumped in the water, which is bad for the environment. ”


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