National Wildlife Day Brings Urgent Reminder to Protect Wildlife, Ecosystem and Community


National Wildlife Day Brings Urgent Reminder to Protect Wildlife, Ecosystem and Community

National Wildlife Day

Helping injured ducks has kept Animal Services officers busier than usual lately, removing hooks and rescuing orphaned ducklings. As National Wildlife Day approaches on Saturday, September 4, Animal Services urges everyone to be mindful of the safety of the environment for people and wildlife in our community.

Arlington’s community parks and ponds are wonderful places to visit, duck and maybe fish. Protecting residents and wildlife in our parks is a high priority. Remember, when fishing, to pick up your line and not to leave the hooks lying around. If these get tangled around a duck’s legs or in its beak and are not removed, it can be fatal to the duck.

Some of Arlington’s community ponds are overcrowded with ducks. Overfeeding ducks can also have negative consequences for our feathered friends.

“When the duck population becomes too large for an ecosystem, the water quality in the pond decreases and can lead to diseases that will kill the ducks,” said Ray Rentschler, the refuge’s field operations manager. “Ducks are very susceptible to duck plague, E. coli and salmonella to name a few.

National Wildlife Day

Too many ducks in an area cause them to wander the streets and neighborhoods, putting them in danger of being struck by motorists. Right after one of these incidents, the image above shows Rentschler on the verge of rescuing orphaned ducklings. Click here to learn more about orphaned or injured animals.

Rentschler is enthusiastic (to put it mildly) for the protection of people and animals and is a passionate educator, especially on wildlife and the importance of leaving the wild.

National Wildlife Day

Arlington Sustainable Wildlife Program was launched to implement proven best practices for harmonious coexistence with wildlife.

Visit the Urban Wildlife website for resources and more information.

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