NeoEdge Unveils TV-Style Overlay Ads in Casual Games


ADOTAS – Casual Game Ads Store NeoEdge Networks has released what it says is the industry’s first successful technological breakthrough for delivering TV-style overlay ads in casual games. Brand overlays are basically ads that float over a portion of the viewing area at set intervals that allow advertisers to increase their brand’s exposure during gameplay – without interrupting the game.

Overlays have been designed in such a way that (unlike TV overlays) they never interfere with the image on the screen. For example, during a pit stop in a racing game, an automobile manufacturer might choose to display an image of the speed of one of its cars at the bottom of the screen. The player, at a natural pause in the action, can then click on the ad to go to the advertiser’s site in a new browser window. Additionally, overlays, as with other NeoEdge advertising products, can be implemented in online or downloadable games. Early testing of NeoEdge showed a strong positive response to overlays, with attractive click-through rates and no measurable decrease in consumer satisfaction levels, the company said.

“When we tested the overlays, we found that the clicks were four and a half to six times higher than the clicks you see on a typical banner ad,” said Ty Levine, vice president of marketing for NeoEdge at ADOTAS . “Our overlays look like banners, but consumers are much more engaged with them. Advertisers like them because they can track exactly when the click occurs – and when a consumer clicks, another browser pops up so that, unlike print and TV ads, consumers can immediately interact with and purchase the product. . “
“Brand advertisers and performance-driven advertisers are looking for a better return on their investment in today’s economic environment,” said Alex Terry, CEO of NeoEdge. “With the rollout of Brand Overlay ads, NeoEdge has put another arrow in the quiver for interactive marketers looking to connect with the tens of millions of consumers who play casual games. We have combined the mass appeal and branding advantages of popular TV overlay ads with the precise targeting and interactivity of Internet ads. The result is better control and a better return on investment for marketers today.
There are approximately 80 million casual gamers in the United States.
NeoEdge Networks is headquartered in Mountain View, California. Over 50 major publishers trust NeoEdge to deploy over 500 ad-supported consumer games across the entire NeoEdge partner network.


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