NEWSPORT DAILY – Cassowary, tree-kangaroo and quoll habitat declared endangered


Evan Quartermain, Program Manager for Humane Society International, said: “Since the 1870s, lowland tropical rainforests have come under enormous pressure from clearing for a variety of uses such as timber harvesting and the cultivation of sugar cane and are now less resistant to threats such as weed invasion and hurricane. This list of endangered species will help ensure the conservation of their incredible cultural and biological significance.

The six endangered ecological communities that were added to the schedules of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act) this year were initiated by HSI. We are now responsible for the nominations leading to 42 of the 96 EPBC Act TEC listings and continue to fight for stronger laws and investments to protect and recover them.

“Drawing on the sensory aromas and citrus flavors of traditional botanicals like angelica, navel oranges and local bush lemons, and ingredients from our rainforest and reef landscape including native red lemons and a touch of seawater, this gin has a special character – it’s a harmony of many elements that make it truly unique,” ​​said Norman.

“We are blessed here in Far North Queensland with an extraordinary range of exotic tastes and flavors at our fingertips, which, in essence, with the tropical climate, rainforest water and age-old traditions of the finest distilleries around the world, are the award-winning cornerstones of Devils Thumb,” he said.


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