Pennsylvania court rejects Trump claim on poll observers


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed the The Trump campaign claim that Philadelphia violated state election law in the way it treated observers at a city ballot counting center.

In a court filing, the campaign sought permission from U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann to challenge legal claims it dropped from her November 9 trial on Sunday.

In the court file, the campaign said the downsizing was “inadvertently” and due to poor communication. The campaign said Monday it had “strategically chosen to restructure its lawsuit” when it suppressed the claims.

In the wake of Trump’s trial in Arizona that failed when the campaign dropped the Maricopa County case last week, the incumbent president has appointed Giuliani to lead all election litigation and communications. Some counties have informed voters that they can correct minor flaws such as missing dates, while others have not.

Giuliani had demanded compensation for his work dating the day after election day, when Trump began to publicly claim he won despite the results, according to people familiar with the claim, who requested anonymity to speak of talks sensitive.

“The context: Rudy Giuliani admitted in court yesterday: “This is not a fraud case,” “writes Klasfeld of why the judge did not find it necessary to hold a hearing on evidence of fraud when Giuliani said that the case did not actually involve allegations of fraud.

Lawyers for Trump’s campaign alleged Wednesday that Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and others treated mail-order voters differently depending on where they live in Pennsylvania and supported voters.

The goal is to delay Pennsylvania’s certification of the vote in the hopes that the Republican-controlled state legislature would instead step in and appoint a list of pro-Trump voters in a state the Associated Press had in mind. Biden’s head with over 82,000 votes.

Donald Trump continues to pretend he won the election desperately trying to prove Joe biden cheated to earn it.

A Reuters poll on Wednesday showed that about half of Republicans believe Trump had the election stolen.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court explained how Trump campaign observer Jeremy Mercer was able to do all he was allowed by law when he observed the processing of postal voting in Philadelphia.


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