Podcast: Mother Fair’s ‘Green Team’ explores how art and science are tackling habitat loss | Our Campus


An interview with artist, teacher and activist John Guy Petruzz

NEW WILMINGTON, Pennsylvania — In the first podcast episode of our ‘Mother Fair’s Green Team,’ students from Westminster’s Center for the Environment explore endangered animals like the Eskimo curlew, which hasn’t been seen in 55 years. Students also assess how climate change has affected wildlife and ways to help. A special guest comes on the podcast, John Guy Petruzzi, to talk about the connection between art and science and how his watercolor compositions relate to endangered species and his efforts to help animals through his creations .

Petruzzi is also an activist and naturalist bringing his skills, experience, passion and curiosity to Westminster in the art classes he teaches. He has been teaching in an art program since 20189. His own watercolors deal with environmental issues and the decline of wildlife habitats. He teaches art classes here at Westminster and at Youngstown State. We also learned that he is an ornithologist. This is evident in his works in the colorful interpretations he creates.

This podcast was created by Westminster College students Abby Green, Katie Henningsen, Deondre McKeever and Ben Pluymers as part of the Spring 2022 course on the Environmental Studio cluster. This is an abridged version of the interview.


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