Premiere: Bathe Alone’s urgent and inspiring “Animals & Trees” is a passionate upheaval of Dream Pop


A resounding upheaval of dream pop, “Animals & Trees” ache with depth, pain and passion as Bathe Alone delivers a powerful message to save our environment and protect Earth’s wildlife.
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For some people, it hurts them more to see a human in distress than an animal in distress. That’s why we kept the animals as humane as possible.

Aanimals can’t talk, but if they could they would surely scream at humans for our callous and mindless destruction of the planet. Entire ecosystems have been lost forever; over 900 species have gone extinct in the past five centuries alone, most due to human engagement and interaction.

There is only one Earth, and we must do better. We should treat our home with respect and care, and do good for our fellow citizens – from animals to trees. Atlanta’s Bathe Alone captures this urgent and important message in his haunting new single: A Resounding Dream Pop Upheaval, “Animals & Trees“Deep, aching and passionate pains, Bathe Alone reminds us of what we stand to lose if we continue on the current path.

Animals & Trees – Swimming alone
They come and go
Patient so alone
They do what they say
Animals and trees

Atwood Magazine is proud to preview the Nic Huey-directed music video for “Animals & Trees”, Bathe Alone’s third release of 2022 and the final single from his upcoming second album, Fall with the lights off (coming out later this year). The artist nickname of Atlanta-based multi-instrumentalist Bailey Crone, Bathe Alone’s ethereal and often atmospheric pop music is as intimate and spiritually energizing as it gets: the debut album of 2021 Last Looks establish a solid base of indie rock and lush, broad and moving pop, brimming with as much tension as release. Meanwhile, her most recent singles “Decades & Dreams” and “Waste It” mix hazy shoegaze with temperate undertone and delicate grace that puts more emphasis than ever on the vocal performance and choice of words. ‘artist.

“Animals & Trees” is a particularly moving marriage of substance and sound.

Bathe Alone shines with a singular sonic and emotional radiance as she sings about animal rights and deforestation (literally, animals and trees). His delivery is both critical and captivating; she sings with a dreamy and profoundly sincere resonance:

Tear down their houses
Look for money
You try to find God
They can’t find a family
Swimming alone © Nic Huey
Swimming alone © Nic Huey

The “Animals & Trees” music video sheds even more light on the song’s meaning and message.

It’s a bit ironic, but decidedly stark, dark, and serious at the same time, to find humans wearing various animal masks roaming downtown Atlanta. Our raccoon-masked protagonist searches for his loved ones, showing passers-by a photo of their family (two raccoons) in hopes they might have seen them.

“Masks are inherently goofy and ridiculous – but the message of the video is anything but. I want people to feel this ridiculous at first and even be confused at first. “What are all these masks for? Are they animals in a band?” says Bailey Crone of Bathe Alone. Atwood magazine. “The idea was to humanize animals – because yes, raccoons don’t really look like that and wear clothes or pay for Marta and carry a picture frame of their mother. But for some people it hurts them more to see a human in distress than an animal in distress, which is why we kept the animals as human as possible.

“I hope the message of deforestation and animal rights really gets across at the end. That was something I was absolutely adamant about when crafting this video with Nic Huey – she couldn’t have A Happy Ending A happy ending would be a disservice to the truth.

Alas, our protagonist’s quest fails: she shows up in what was supposed to be a forest, but to her (and our collective’s) dismay, the clearing has been razed; all signs of life are gone, with not a tree (or a raccoon) in sight. It’s a bittersweet ending that humanizes raccoons and all other animals whose habitats, and therefore lives, are being disrupted and destroyed by deforestation.

They say, “You can stay
And go to bed
But when the sun comes up, you gotta go
It’s how I left it
Oh promise me
I guess I won’t live my life for me
Swimming alone © Nic Huey
Swimming alone © Nic Huey

The idea was to humanize animals – because yes, raccoons don’t really look like that and wear clothes or pay for Marta and wear a picture frame of their mother.

Again, we only have one chance to live. We cannot afford to ruin the Earth; we need her much more than she needs us. Bathe Alone’s wonderful music strikes heartstrings, imploring us to think of the raccoon who lost his family forever; the bird that has no tree to rest on or a nest to settle in; the beaver with no place to make its dam; etc

Inspiring and immersive, “Animals & Trees” is the dreamy, urgent wake-up call we needed.

Bathe Alone second album Fall with the lights off should be released later this year. For now, stream “Animals and Trees” exclusively on Atwood magazine!

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Stream: “Animals and Trees” – Bathe Alone

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