Prolonged drought in Kenya kills hundreds of animals


A Kenyan member of the Maasai pastoral community feeds his cow dry hay as many rush to sell their emaciated cows at a livestock market in Ilbisil settlement in Kajiado, Kenya on Friday. Photo by Daniel Irungu/EPA-EFE

November 5 (UPI) — Wildlife officials in Kenya said a prolonged drought in the country had killed hundreds of animals, including more than 200 elephants and 500 wildebeest.

The East African nation’s two rainy seasons – October to December and March to May – ‘completely failed’ in late 2021 and early 2022, tourism and wildlife ministry secretary says , Peninah Malonza, in a statement. Press release Friday.

She said the drought in southern, eastern and northern Kenya has killed mostly herbivorous animal species. Wildlife experienced a shortage of food and water resources.

Kenyan wildlife officials counted the death of various species between February and October, finding that the drought killed 512 wildebeest, 381 zebras, 205 elephants, 49 Grevy’s zebras, 51 buffaloes, 12 giraffes, eight reticulated animals and four animals Massai.

The most affected areas are the ecosystems of Amboseli, Tsavo and Laikipia-Samburu.

Malonza’s statement said the ministry distributed hay and water in affected areas and increased wildlife monitoring outside protected areas.

“In addition, the Government of Kenya, in collaboration with development and conservation partners, will work together to provide funds to destock the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary (Tsavo West National Park) as well as other overcrowded rhino sanctuaries. in order to prevent any eminent drought-related black and white rhino mortality in our sanctuaries,” she says.


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