RimWorld: how to raise animals


RimWorldthe hit colony management sim from Ludeon Studios, has been challenging players with its intricate strategy since 2016. RimWorld is a survival game, and players must work hard to build a colony that can withstand pirate raids, crop failures, burrowing insectoids, and crazed settlers.

Animals can make the difference between the success and failure of a RimWorld colony, whether a herd of cows providing milk, meat and leather, or a loyal guard dog protecting a hunter from a rampaging bear. However, taming and raising animals is not easy and requires a combination of skilled settlers, lots of food, and a fair amount of luck.


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How to Get Animals in RimWorld

There are only three ways players can acquire animals for their RImWorld colony: taming, trade and random events. Taming animals is the riskiest method, as several creatures have a chance to retaliate when a colonist fails a taming test. However, it’s also the cheapest method and only requires some food and a settler with a good Animals skill, although it’s best if they have good Animals as well. RimWorld features. Players can tag any wild animal to tame, but the chance of success and chance of retaliation will depend on the species.

Purchasing animals from traders or trading ships is a simpler process than taming, requiring only cash or valuable goods like RimWorld‘s Plasteel to trade. However, players will find that caravans have less choice overall than the constant rotation of wild animals that will roam most biomes of RimWorld, though their wares are often more suited to domestication. Beyond trading and taming, there is also a chance that a random wild animal will tame near the settlement, joining without any action required from the player.

Finally, domesticated animals can land near the colony in drop pods, ejected from a spaceship by some unknown disaster. These animals will often require urgent treatment but may rejoin the colony afterwards.

How to breed animals in RimWorld

Caring for animals in RimWorld isn’t always easy, but the rewards can be great. Grazing animals like cows and sheep are best contained in paddocks, fenced areas designated by the Pen Marker element. Paddocks not only indicate whether they contain enough pasture to support the animals inside, but also allow players to set up systems to automatically harvest and cull the herd. In areas where there is not enough land to graze, players must cultivate hay grass to support their animals or feed them RimWorldit’s croquettes. Animals in enclosures will be marked as passive, which means they will not be attacked by predators or marauders.

It’s best to allow more independent animals like canines and felines to roam freely, or give them a safe area to roam near the base through the zoning system. These animals can also eat kibble, prefer to sleep in animal beds, and will provide mood bonuses to colonists they attach to. All animals will attempt to breed if there are animals of the opposite sex available, producing young that are automatically tamed by the colony.

Finally, players can choose to train intelligent animals for more advanced tasks, including guarding their assigned master, attacking enemies, or even carrying supplies, although success in this training relies on skill. Master’s animals.

RimWorld is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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