The astonishing gallantries which confirm that animals love


Love between animals is a set of manifestations that manifest themselves in a delicate way gallantryin acts of deep fidelity and in demonstrations of tenderness.

Until the lowliest insects they dutifully woo the object of their love and offer it delicate gifts. Take for example the tiny flies that we see dancing in the clouds, in the heavy summer air. When the male is courting, he selects excellent mouthfuls, wraps them in a silk bubble, and presents them to his girlfriend, with the timeless gesture of a handsome offering a box of chocolates.

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Some empids, which are larger flies, make even more elaborate gifts: they offer brilliant-shaped “jewels” sand particlea brightly colored feather or flower petal.

Love, spiders, crustaceans and birds

A lot the spiders the machos express their love in complex waltzes and complicated pirouettes.

The male spider waltzes and somersaults in courtship.

The bone love songs they are not exclusive to man. They extend to certain primitive levels of animal life.

When the Lobstera marine crustacean very similar to a crayfish, in love, sings a kind of muffled serenade while rubbing its claws against the beak of its shell.

Of the creatures that rank higher on the animal scale, love naturally has a more developed form. It does not exist, it does not exist the court so delicate and dazzling like that of birds.

Antarctic penguins, for example, don’t have many loving gifts to choose from in the arid lands they inhabit. However, the male searches among the stones within reach, until he finds a smooth and pretty; then he walks slowly and hopefully to where his lady is and lays his humble treasure at her feet.

the reyezueloa very common bird in Europe, gives twigs to its girlfriend – a telling suggestion of expected home – and often makes the suggestion more explicit, building a rudimentary nest while the female watches.

The male hummingbird offers a sustained courtship display on its wings and sways in front of the female in an aerial arc.
The male hummingbird offers a sustained courtship display on its wings and sways in front of the female in an aerial arc.For: Jiri Hrebicek | Listen –

As he builds the house, twig by twig, he flies back and forth to his modest girlfriend doing vibrate the wingsturning her head back and letting out torrents of rapturous melody.

the Australian Tilonorrinco It is a bird that makes surprising love gifts. His silky female has blue eyes and the gallant presents her wild berries, colorful pebbles and similar things… all blue!

Males can often express their love only through an acrobatic display. The aerial feat that the male hummingbird offers his lady is amazing. Held by its quivering wings, it sways before her in an aerial arc, like a pendulum. Back, forward, down, up… beating up to 75 times per second.

With growing passion, he continues to play his silent love poem. It suddenly rises in a straight line about 20 meters into the sky. He stops at the height for a second. Then he dives to the ground furious lyrical descent who miraculously brakes, to stop in the open air, exactly at the height of the tiny female who observes her from the branch where she is perched.

the pleasure of being together

The intense love that manifests in courtship and mating is not the only type of affection that animals exchange with each other. In their lives, as in our human lives, there is the peaceful and constant pleasure of being together.

There is tenderness, there is constancy, there is fidelity unto death in many species. It is dangerously easy to sentimentalize animals, to make the mistake of seeing human thoughts in their actions. But it’s just as easy to go the other way and forget that all creation is a brotherhood and that a spark of the same spirit and of the same heart beats in all beings.

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It is therefore unequivocal that in every living being – man or animal – there is a sensitivity. And this sensitivity is awakened and ennobled in the face of the opposite sex, creating what is called love. And by accepting that in love nothing is that has not been but everything is new, this aphorism came to my mind:

The most beautiful love poem will never be as beautiful as love.


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