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In July 2020, Shayna, a stray fending for herself and her five kittens, was found in a backyard in Santa Fe. Shayna and her family were taken to Felines & Friends, and after eight months, Shayna was taken to Felines & Friends. found her perfect home at Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Camino Entrada in Santa Fe.

Kurt Krahn, executive director of Habitat for Humanity, felt Shayna would make an excellent emotional support animal for staff and adopted Shayna.

Shayna was first overwhelmed by space as an office cat at Habitat for Humanity.

“She went straight to the rafters and spent her first weekend watching the ceiling hum,” Kahn recalls. “But she quickly mastered her new job of hunting mice and lounging in the copy room.”

For a brief period, staff called Shayna “CopyCat” until an office poll gave Shayna the best name for a gorgeous tuxedo: Oreo.

Oreo has settled into her new home and her role as an office cat perfectly.

“It is the highlight of everyone’s day at Habitat. Oreo loves lounging on his cat play tower, chasing mice, cuddling, observing with his bright green eyes, working on everyone’s lap and jumping on everything, ”Kahn said.

“Our office mascot makes ordinary office tasks even more exciting. This sassy HabiCat likes to skip filing cabinets and surprise us in the office. She hides behind cupboards and shelves. Sometimes you can spot him in the rafters of his perch for sunbathing.

“You never get bored at the office with this HabiCat. Oreo has fun every time she climbs, ”Kahn added. “This week, she was very exploratory and discovered the art of hanging upside down. We love our office cat – drop by anytime to meet this adorable kitten.


Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society: Freddy has a gray muzzle but he’s always ready to play. Freddy was HIV positive and was treated for it. The 7 year old mixed breed puppy is ready for a new home.

He loves people and is very friendly. Freddy is excellent for leash walks and would make a great companion.

Naru is a beautiful 3 year old, 9 lb neutered male domestic cat. Naru improved his socialization skills. He loves to be petted and stroked all over his body and will rub against you. He’s a sweet cat.

These and other animals are available for adoption at the Animal Shelter, 100 Caja del Rio Road. Until September 30, the adoption fee for dogs six months and older is $ 50.

The shelter’s adoption hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. Dial 505-983-4309, ext. 1610, or visit with questions.

Española Humane: Barcelona are a survivor of the parvo. She is a shy dog ​​mom and sweetheart who needs an owner willing to show her love and patience as she adjusts to a new life. If you give this 2 year old, 47 pound Shepherd the time and space to feel comfortable, she will warm up and show you that her heart is gold.

Devo is at the Puppy Patch at Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort. Devo is a 2 month old border collie, a 12 pound Australian mix – and he’s a fuzzy little gentleman who pays close attention to people and always seeks to please. He thinks he’s a perfect watchdog and can’t wait to spend the fall nights with cozy blankets and cuddly moments by the fireside.

Rescue of dew paws: Buddy loves to smile. Buddy is a sweet, scruffy boy. He is 2 years old, weighs 11 pounds and is good with people, children and other dogs. If you would like to welcome or adopt Buddy, call 505-412-9096 or email [email protected] for more information.

Felines and friends: Ross is a soft and sweet 3 year old orange and white tabby from the streets. He has adapted well to indoor life where he enjoys petting, rubbing his head and playing with cats. Apply to

Pants and Chaps are 5 month old tuxedo kittens who would love to be adopted together. Pants is the clown while Chaps plays the straight man.

This sibling duo is as sweet as it is cute. Visit the Petco Adoption Center to meet them.

The horse shelter: Gaho is an adorable and shiny 8 year old dark brown mustang. She worked with several volunteers and became very consistent. With a few limits, she is a respectful partner. She is very good at working on the ground, including loading into a trailer.

Gaho is a very easy keeper and will make a very low maintenance companion horse. Gaho’s adoption fee is $ 250.

Gaho and many other horses are available for adoption at Horse Shelter.

For more information, visit the


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