The leopard may have returned to its habitat, but residents of Lucknow have said to stay alert


LUCKNOW The leopard sighted in Adil Nagar and Kalyanpur in Lucknow may have left these residential areas through a safe passage and found its way to the forest, said forestry department officials who had worked to save the feline during of the last two days. The big cat seen Friday evening and Saturday morning is said to have injured three people.

“The leopard has not been seen in the Adilnagar and Kalyanpur areas for the past 36 hours, patrol teams confirmed,” Division Forestry Officer Ravi Kumar Singh said in a press release on Monday. .

Although forestry authorities were unable to locate the animal, five patrol teams were still deployed in the areas as a precaution. “Among wild animals, leopards travel long distances in a short time. By getting safe passage, they can soon return to their natural habitat, if they are not unjustifiably terrorized, ”Singh said. He said reports of more than one leopard in these areas were baseless.

A rescue operation was carried out at the Inter College of the Presidency and an attempt was made to facilitate the entry of the animal into the forest area 500 meters away.

The department also advised residents to remain vigilant. “We are vigilant and avoid going out at night. The animal will probably come out at night and escape into the jungle, ”said Nityanand Mall, a resident of Sector H, Jankipuram.

Forestry officials said people should come out of their homes in groups and keep a stick in hand. Children should stay indoors and pets should not be left outdoors. If people come across a wild animal, they should not chase it away or try to catch / injure it. If they spot an animal, locals can report it to the regional forestry officer, Kukrail, on mobile number 7839434285.


December 24 – 60ft Road, Jankipuram, 11 p.m.

December 25 – CCTV taken from SR Hospital and Pooja Nursing Home (Kalyanpur) at 1 a.m.

December 25 – CCTV capture of the presidency school, 4 p.m.

December 25 – In a vacant lot in Kalyanpur, 6 p.m.


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