Top 10 Animals That Haven’t (Yet) Been Pokémon


Since its inception in 1996, the Pokemon The franchise has captured the hearts of audiences everywhere with its cute and charming creatures. Pokemon designs come from all sorts of places, but the majority of them are based on real animals. Although there are nearly a thousand Pokemon, there are tons of animals that haven’t seen the Pokemon treatment yet.

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Each new generation introduces dozens of new Pokémon, often with brand new design ideas. With the upcoming release of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, fans are hoping to see some of their favorite animals adapted to the Pokemon universe.

ten Kangaroos are the iconic animal of Australia


These large marsupials are found in Australia and are one of the most famous animals in this country. Their biology lends them to being possible large Pokémon, with legs evolved to act as springs and aid them in their preferred method of locomotion, jumping. You could say that Kangaskhan is borrowing some from the kangaroo with his baby carrier pouch, but there’s still room for a full kangaroo Pokémon in the future.

9 Flamingos are found all over the world

flamingos eating water

Fans got a taste of what a baby flamingo might look like with Generation VI Spritzee, but this Pokemon’s evolved form is going in a different direction. Flamingos are large birds native to Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and their name comes from the Portuguese or Spanish word Flamengo, which means “flame-colored.” with the next Scarlet and Purple apparently taking place in a region inspired by the Iberian Peninsula, a flamingo Pokémon might not be too far away.

8 Peacocks have bright plumage

peacock showing its tail

Although most people use the word “peacock” to describe the entire species, the peacock actually refers to the male Indian peafowl. If these creatures were to be adapted to pokemon, men would be the most likely candidates.

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Their signature tail plumage is widely assumed to be used in mating rituals, but the eye designs would be perfect for a Psychic/Flying or Psychic/Grass-type Pokemon. Some peacocks have been selectively bred to be pure white, a perfect shiny form for a theoretical peacock Pokémon.

7 The Iberian ibex is raised from the dead

Native to the Iberian Peninsula, the Iberian ibex is a creature known for its impressive horns. Pokemon has several similar creatures, Gogoat being the most similar to the ibex thanks to its dipping horns. However, Gogoat is obviously a goat, not an ibex. Two subspecies of Iberian ibex are still alive today, although a third subspecies, the Pyrenean, became the first taxon to become “unextinguished” through cloning efforts in 2003. This effort eventually failed, but the resurrection of extinct species is something that Pokemon games like to play with. With Scarlet and Purple Set in the same region these creatures inhabit, they would be perfect for revisiting fossil Pokemon lore.

6 Magpies are clever hoarders

Magpies are incredibly intelligent creatures, which makes it somewhat surprising that they haven’t been used as a Pokémon yet. Rookidee and its evolved form Corvisquire look a bit like magpies, but they’re pretty clearly meant to be ravens and ravens, different members of the Corvidae family. Magpies are known for their tendency to collect shiny objects and are implicated in many different folk beliefs, all of which are fertile ground for Pokemon design.

5 Cuttlefish are experts in camouflage

cuttlefish up close

Cephalopods have been somewhat underrepresented overall Pokemon. Octillery, Grapploct, and Omastar all represent members of this class, but there are tons of other creatures to draw from.

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The cuttlefish is perhaps best known for its incredible color-changing abilities, as well as its bone-like internal structure that has been used in jewelry making, toothpaste, and as an antacid. These types of wild abilities and human uses are commonly used as inspiration for Pokemon designs.

4 Moose is the biggest deer

moose in a forest

Pokemon has tons of deer-based creatures, but surprisingly no moose. Even the recent evolution of Stantler Wyrdeer, found in Pokemon Legends: Arceus relies heavily on the reindeer. Moose have many interesting traits that would make them excellent Pokémon. They are the largest and heaviest animals in the deer family, they are excellent swimmers and solitaries, a trait rarely seen in deer. A moose Pokémon would likely be at least partly Normal-type, but Grass, Water, Ice, or even Fighting could also work.

3 Blue dragons already look like Pokemon

blue dragon sea creature

Also known as sea swallow, blue angel, or blue glaucus, this unique creature already almost looks like a Pokemon. It’s a type of sea slug, the same type of animal that Gastrodon is based on.

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However, Gastrodon is based on other species that are very different from blue glaucus. This creature’s striking colors and large, sprawling limbs are enough to inspire a Pokémon, but it also sports a dangerous and painful sting.

2 Leeches are used in medicine

leech on an arm

Leeches are famous parasites known to attach themselves to larger creatures in order to consume their blood. They can be found all over the world, but mostly in freshwater areas. In addition to being a threat to people and wildlife, leeches have been used since ancient times to draw blood from patients in a medical setting. Even today, they are used in the treatment of several joint diseases and to aid in microsurgery. A leech Pokémon could easily be a combination of Water, Dark, and Poison type.

1 Shoebill storks are menacing


This bizarre-looking bird, native to East Africa, is best known for its massive, beefy beak. Although it looks like a stork, it is actually closer to pelicans and herons. Shoebills are very slow moving and have been known to stand still for long periods of time. This trait, along with their massive, strong beak, could make them good Rock/Flying-type Pokémon. It also wouldn’t be the first time they’ve found themselves in a Nintendo game, with the The Legend of Zelda the Loftwing character being based on a shoebill.

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