Updated list of banned products includes invasive animal species


Taipei, April 18 (CNA) The Bureau of Foreign Trade released an updated list of prohibited items for import into Taiwan on Monday which added dozens of live animals in a bid to eradicate invasive alien species.

Following the additions, the list of prohibited products now includes one type of mammal, 250 species of birds, 1,060 types of reptiles, 250 types of amphibians, 6,800 types of invertebrates and 124 types of aquatic animals, for a total of 8,480 species of living animals.

The list will be posted for seven days for the public to comment, after which it will go into effect.

In a statement, the Bureau of Forestry said the expanded list was developed last year after experts met with officials from the Fisheries Agency and the Ocean Conservation Administration, in support of efforts to to better protect animals and plants endemic to Taiwan.

Animals newly added to the banned import list this time included birds like the Asian shining starling, white-vented myna, weaver birds, black-collared starling and African sacred ibis as well as the red-eared slider (an aquatic turtle), tegu (a type of lizard), raccoon, Florida red-bellied cooter, green iguana, and cane toad.

The Forestry Bureau said allowing these animals into Taiwan could have adverse ecological effects on the local environment as they outcompete native species for food, water and space.

(By Flor Wang and Chang Hsiung-feng)

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