Virtual animal games: ‘Stray’, ‘Endling’ lead users to play with different species, making them more realistic


Virtual pet games are now available worldwide, giving everyone a different perspective on chasing and exploring the world as a new creature no one would think to experience. It’s more of a less bizarre “Freaky Friday,” where players experience what it’s like to be an animal through games like “Stray” and “Endling: Extinction are Forever.”

Virtual pet games: ‘Stray’, ‘Endling’ bring realistic experience

(Picture: Stray via Steam)

Two new games feature virtual animal experiences that are an in-depth look at what it’s like to be beasts in the wild, focusing on stepping out into the world with plenty to fight and lose. . These games are “Stray” from BlueTwelve Studio and “Endling: Extinction are Forever” from Herobeat Studios, now available on game consoles worldwide.

“Stray” is a game that brings a person to the point of view of cats, and they can go around the place and solve a mystery as a feline creature after falling into the world of robots and machines. The game focuses on an adventure where they become the stray cat and return to the surface to regain their old lives.

On the other hand, “Endling: Extinction are Forever” brings the audience to the point of view of a fox who must protect his puppies and return to their “den” safely.

These titles offer players a different experience that takes the experience to a new height, focusing on the perspective of an animal.

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What’s it like to be animals? The games give him insight

According to The Verge, the two new games give a glimpse into what it’s like to be animals, and these titles give the world a more realistic experience from a fresh perspective. The developed games now bring a deeper insight into the animal kingdom, giving the world a deeper insight into their lives.

Simulation games: where are we?

Animal games in the gaming industry have come a long way for everyone, and that’s because they originated from simulation games where people mainly focus on an open environment or humans interacting with animals. creatures. Previously, animal games mainly focused on educational features where they mainly experimented with boundary information rather than playing as creatures.

Other titles that focus on animal games also bring simulation where they feel like these creatures roaming the environment. However, it has no specific story or progress aside from exploring the world and learning different information.

Unlike its present, the best animal games don’t focus much on a creature’s legitimate experiences.

However, some focus on giving the world a chance to get to know these animals better and see the world from their perspective, focusing on what it’s like to be creatures in the wild. . These two new games, “Stray” and “Endling”, bring more to the audience by presenting a unique experience that dives deep into the animal kingdom and its correlation with the current world.

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